You haven’t raced yet, the events leading up to Indian MotoGP have you shaking your head

MotoGP News: Dorna Sports boss Carmelo Ezpeleta admitted he was a little overwhelmed by the various obstacles that hit the team and riders ahead of the Indian MotoGP.

As we know, the Indian MotoGP will take place this weekend. This will be the first time that a premier motorcycle racing championship will be held in Bollywood.

Unfortunately, a few days before the event, negative news emerged that made Dorna Sports, the organizer, nervous. From bureaucracy to food hygiene factors, it’s a bit beyond them.

One of the highlights was that a number of teams encountered problems in handling administrative matters. Even the team’s cargo of items needed for the race was transported using an open-bed articulated truck.

This is of course very dangerous and carries big risks, especially when it comes to machines. It appears that the cargo was only covered in plastic and cloth and then tied from the outside. The risk of damage from weather or being hit by another object is very possible.

The second problem that poses a real headache for Dorna Sports is the visa issue. According to Speedweek, the visa application form to travel to India for crews, journalists and travelers was opened last August.

The conditions have been set out in full and payment is made by PayPal. However, the local agency in charge of processing payments was found to have been blocked by PayPal due to the large amount of money entering their account.

Then the agency directed us to another means of payment, namely via WISE. However, not all runners, journalists or travelers have this payment account. They inevitably have to create a new account and verify it first.

Tax issues are also another element that complicates the bureaucracy. Authorities in the land of the Taj Mahal are understood to want to see drivers’ salary contracts so they can deduct 20 percent of their annual salary for tax. Dorna Sports of course firmly refuses for reasons of data protection and privacy.

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