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KOMPAS.com – The sport that has the most sports and is called the oldest sport in the world is athletics.

Yes, athletics is considered the oldest as well as the mother of sports.

What does it mean? Mother of Sport is a term for track and field because the basic movement elements necessary for all sports, such as running, jumping, and throwing, are found in track and field.

Next, on why athletics is called the oldest sport because it is based on the history of human civilization.

As is known, the basic movements contained in athletics have been performed since the time of previous human civilizations or thousands of years ago.

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Then the ancient competitions of the Greeks or Egyptians also could not be separated from the numbers in athletics like running, high jump, javelin throwing, etc.

Ancient Egypt

In the ancient Egyptian tomb of Saqqara, there are paintings depicting several people practicing athletic sports such as long jumps, javelin throws and marathons.

The painting is believed to have been drawn in 2250 BC (BC).

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ancient greek

Then based on the history of ancient Greece, the Olympic Games were held in 776 BC for the first time.

At that time, running, javelin and long jump competitions were contested.

Then during the first modern Olympic Games, notably in 1896 in Athens, athletics became one of the sports that were contested.


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Other evidence that sports competitions took place can also be found in France and Ireland.

Quoted by Champion, in the cave of Lascaux, France, there is a photo of a human running/sprint. According to estimates, the drawing was made 15,300 years ago.


Moreover, the first foot race took place in Ireland in 1829 BC.

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