White will soon be released in Indian cinemas

PVR Inox Pictures has announced that the animated film Spy x Family CODE: White will be released in Indian cinemas. The release date has not been announced.

You can see the official announcement below:

PVR Inox Pictures is distributing Spy x Family CODE: White in India.

The announcement was made after the PVR Pictures Instagram account asked anime fans to reach 7,000 likes on a thank you post to find out about the “next big anime release”.

This post was created to thank “anime fans for the huge success of Haikyu!! The Dumpster Battle,” which is still in theaters after two weeks. According to IGN India sources, the animated volleyball film has grossed ₹3.5 crore (~$419,000) at the domestic box office so far.

The following is the official synopsis for Spy x Family CODE: White in English:

He's a spy. He's a murderer. Together, Loid and Yor keep their double life a secret while pretending to be the perfect family. However, their adopted daughter, Anya, a telepath, knows both of their interesting secrets without their knowledge. Undercover taking his family on a winter weekend getaway, Loid's efforts to advance his current mission, Operation Strix, prove difficult when Anya mistakenly gets involved and triggers an event that threatens world peace!

Directed by Takashi Katagiri under the supervision of Spy x Family manga creator Tatsuya Endo, Spy x Family CODE: White was released in Japan on December 22, 2023. The film debuted at the top of the box office during its opening weekend. It was released in North America by Crunchyroll on April 19, 2024 in both subtitled and English dubbed versions. You can see what the English dub of the film looks like in the exclusive clip below:

Spy x Family CODE: White is based on an original story, with WIT Studio having obtained Endo's approval for the film, which is set in the manga world.

“We had the youngest staff members in their 20s and the oldest staff members in their 50s and 60s working on this film,” George Wada, president, CEO and producer of WIT Studio, told IGN in July 2023. “It shows how anime can reach so many people across generations since both groups are so interested in the subject. Everyone has been through tough times in recent years and people want to see something lighter and kinder.

IGN wrote the following in its 7/10 review of the film: “Spies in entertaining harmony. »

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