WhatsApp rolled out a design update: a new color and more ways to 'change' the world's most popular chat app

WhatsApp announced a major design refresh for its mobile apps, including a “darker dark mode,” a simplified look and feel, and platform-specific improvements for Android and Apple iPhone users. According to WhatsApp, the update represents a shift towards a more balanced approach, recognizing the need for continued functionality while prioritizing a modern, user-friendly design.This comes after years of mainly focusing on adding new features.
“New color”
One of the most anticipated changes is the “darker dark mode”. WhatsApp experimented with over 35 different color palettes before settling on a combination that reduces eye strain in dimly lit environments. This builds on the existing dark mode option, a popular feature among many users.

New navigation
Android users will benefit from a new native bottom navigation bar, similar to what iOS users have been enjoying for some time. This bar provides quick access to key sections of the app: chats, calls, communities and status updates.
Streamlined media sharing on iPhones
For iPhone users, WhatsApp is revamping the presentation of media attachments. The previous full-screen menu is replaced by a more concise expandable tray. This should make it easier to select options for sending photos, videos, documents, surveys and other media.
Refreshing icons and background
The update also includes a refresh of the app icons, adopting a rounded and outlined style for a more contemporary look. Additionally, the default chat background is getting an overhaul, although specific details on the new design have yet to be revealed.
Availability of new features
The update is expected to roll out gradually over the coming weeks. Although no specific date has been announced, users can check their app stores to find the latest version of WhatsApp.

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