WhatsApp blocked over 2 million accounts in India in September, here’s why

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – In the latest Monthly Transparency Report released to comply with IT regulations, WhatsApp blocked around 2.209 million accounts in India. This is done to prevent online abuse and to keep users’ online experience safe and spam-free.

Blocking of accounts is carried out on the basis of user complaints and letters received from the Complaints Officer India. “In addition to using our automated tools to prevent malicious behavior on the platform,” reads the report released on Monday, November 1, 2021.

In the report, the request made by Meta– the new name of Facebook’s rebranding – confirmed a total of 309 users and the Indian Complaints Officer in September in which 50 accounts were “acted on”. The remaining 2.209 million blocked accounts were detected using WhatsApp’s own tools to stop malicious behavior on the platform.

According to WhatsApp, these tools are able to detect abuse at three stages of an account’s lifestyle: during sign-up, during messaging, and in response to negative feedback, which it receives in the form of reports and messages. user bans. In a statement, a WhatsApp spokesperson said the transparency report was its fourth monthly report for the September period.

“This User Safety Report contains details of user complaints received and related actions WhatsApp has taken, as well as WhatsApp’s own precautions to combat abuse on our platform,” the spokesperson said. .

In August, the handset logo app banned a total of 2.06 million accounts in India. A total of 420 user requests were received during the month from users and the Indian Complaints Officer.

Of these, 222 were ban calls, 105 account support inquiries, and 76 reports received by WhatsApp regarding products and other support. WhatsApp also received 17 security reports.


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