What is Trail Running and its benefits?

TEMPO.CO, JakartaTo run classified as a popular sport because it is simple. No need for expensive fees for This sport. Exercise can also be done anytime and anywhere. Racing is usually done on a flat surface track, such as asphalt and sidewalks in urban areas.

However, there are also those who do it in broad daylight, i.e. running Where yourailway. Because it is done in the open, the track that the runners pass yourailway. Riders won’t be crossing a smooth, paved road, but dirt, mud, rocks, rivers. Quotation Trail and kalesuch a running trajectory makes yourailway considered more difficult than rrunning.

Running considered provide mental and physical satisfaction. The natural atmosphere away from the crowd becomes calm when running. The change of track does not bother the runners.

Benefit from running

  1. Improve brain focus

Running along the ups and downs of natural pathways makes the brain work harder. Runners are required to always concentrate during the race, otherwise the risk of an accident will be unavoidable.

  1. Mental Health

Outdoor running promotes mental health. Running activity connects serotonin beats to muscles, which positively impacts cognitive function. “Some of our depressed clients are encouraged to do activities outside the home, including exercising in nature,” said Ceri Rees, Founder. Wild race.

  1. Muscle strength and balance

Running on a trail is supposed to be better at improving muscle strength and balance than on a flat track. When running on the road uphill, the strength of the leg muscles increases. Uneven ground also improves ankle strength, flexibility and balance.

  1. not boring

The eyes see the landscape and the atmosphere Natural. Even on the same track, things look different depending on the season, time of day and weather conditions. This is clearly different from running on the same road or on the same track, for example in a football stadium.


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