What does delay mean in sports? Trending 1 Twitter after Indonesia defeat in 2022 Thomas Cup

TRIBUNSUMSEL.COM, PALEMBANG– Hearing the word Delay is certainly no stranger to some people, especially in this digital age.

This word is commonly found in various places, situations and social media.

Delay recently went viral on social media until it became trend 1 on Twitter after the Indonesian badminton contingent lost to India in the 2022 Thomas Cup.

So what do we mean by the word delay? Here is the explanation.

Delay is a word that applies universally and can be used in various fields.

Derived from English, Delay means retarded.

According to the Oxford Dictionary (Oxford Dictionary), the word delay is defined as a period of time during which someone has to wait due to technical problems that hinder business.

Delays are commonly encountered when traveling by plane or plane at the airport, due to late arrivals and certain technical problems that cause passengers to wait longer for departure.

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The word “delay” also applies to sports, from football to badminton (badminton).

In sports, delaying is the blocking of a game by a team that is usually already ahead and on the verge of winning.

Additionally, Delay is also meant to thwart the opposing team’s focus so they can turn things around.

Of course, this action is not justified in a game.

It’s the definition of Delay in sports, a popular trending word on Twitter.

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