What day does November 30 commemorate? There are 3 important moments

Makassar – Several important moments are commemorated every November 30. So, what day does November 30, 2023 commemorate?

November 30 falls on a Thursday. This date is also the last day of November 2023.

On this date, there are religious celebrations and historical moments in the international world. Moments commemorated today include Memorial Day for All Victims of Chemical Warfare, Guru Nanak Jayanti Day in India, and Barbados Independence Day.

Are you curious about this important moment? So here is the explanation that was published detikSulsel from National Today. Listen!

Day of Remembrance for All Victims of Chemical Warfare

Chemical Warfare Remembrance Day is a day to remember all lives lost to the use of chemical weapons. This moment is commemorated every November 30 internationally.

Chemical weapons were first discovered in 1918 by German chemist Fritz Haber. Haber is famous for the Haber-Bosch process, which synthesizes ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogen gas, which helps produce fertilizer.

During World War I, Haber signed the Ninety-Third Manifesto, which supported the German army. He developed poison gases for trench warfare as well as gas masks and filters.

Because this was considered to have a very dangerous impact, a treaty called the Chemical Weapons Convention was concluded in 1992. Through the Chemical Weapons Convention, most countries agreed to destroy the chemical weapons they had and to prohibit the use of chemical weapons.

Then, in 2005, the United Nations (UN) designated November 30 as the Day of Remembrance for All Victims of Chemical Warfare. This determination constitutes an effort to eliminate the use of chemical weapons worldwide.

Guru Nanak Jayanti Day

Guru Nanak Jayanti Day is one of the times celebrated on November 30. Guru Nanak Jayanti is also known as Prakash Utsav Guru Nanak and Guru Nanak Dev Ji Jayanti, celebrated nationally in India.

Guru Nanak Jayanti Day is celebrated as a day to commemorate the holy teacher, namely Guru Nanak. He was a spiritual teacher who founded the Sikh religion in the 15th century. He wrote the Sikh holy book, Guru Granth Sahib, and wrote 974 hymns in it.

During his life, Guru Nanak Jayanti spent his time introducing equality and tolerance to his followers. Through the poetry he wrote, he also propagated selfless service for humanity, prosperity and social justice for all, regardless of demographic differences.

In commemoration of Guru Nanak Jayanti Day, Sikhs recite Guru Santh Sahib for forty-eight hours continuously at Gurdwaras, the birthplace of Guru Nanak Jayanti. Apart from this, followers of the Sikh religion also hold prayer processions, sing praises, distribute free sweets, practice martial arts (Gatka) and provide services to the community.

Barbados Independence Day

November 30 is a historic day in Barbados. Yes, on this date, Barbados commemorates its independence from the British colonies.

This country has been a British colony for over 360 years. The island has been a British colony since 1627, with sugar plantations and slavery until 1834.

In 1937, politician Grantley Adams founded the Barbados Labor Party to address economic problems. Adams led the colony into the West Indies Federation from 1958 to 1962, but unemployment remained high.

In 1955, politician Errol Walton Barrow formed the Democratic League (later the Democratic Labor Party) to push for independence for Barbados. Then, on November 30, 1966, Barbados succeeded in separating from England. Barbados became an independent country with the Barbados Independence Act of 1966.

Barrow later became the first prime minister to expand tourism, free education and national health insurance. Then, in 2021, Barbados became a republic and replaced Queen Elizabeth II with President Sandra Mason.

Barbados’ Independence Day is marked by the lighting of Parliament buildings and office buildings in Bridgetown. Barbados’ highway roundabouts are also lit, creating spectacular views at night.

Apart from this, Barbados Independence Day is also celebrated by organizing events such as community independence celebrations, art and sports competitions, social events and religious services.

So these are some important moments that will be commemorated on November 30, 2023. I hope this is helpful, okay?

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