'We don't need lessons from Western companies…': Ola CEO Bhavish Agarwal on ending ties with Microsoft's Azure cloud services

Ola Group of CompaniesFounder and CEO Bhavish Aggarwal announced that the company was severing ties with its existing cloud service provider, Microsoft Azure. In a post shared on social media platform Krutrim.

The move comes days after Aggarwal's post on “pronoun disease” was removed by Microsoft-owned job search portal LinkedIn.He criticized Microsoft for removing his post from the social media platform LinkedIn. Aggarwal claimed that Microsoft's artificial intelligence (AI) tool was “imposing a dangerous and sinister political ideology on Indian users.”

Ola plans to leave Microsoft's Azure cloud service

In post X, Aggarwal said: “Since LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft and Ola is a large Azure customer, we have decided to move our entire workload from Azure to our own Krutrim cloud over the next week. It's a challenge as every developer knows, but my team is so motivated to do it. Any other developers who want to leave Azure will get a full year of free cloud usage. As long as you don't return to Azure after that! Email us at [email protected]. The offer is perpetually open! »

How this decision will affect Microsoft

According to a MoneyControl report, Ola, owned by ANI Technologies, is one of the largest consumers of Microsoft. If the company cuts ties with the tech giant, it would mean a loss of over Rs 100 crore of business for the company's Azure cloud service.
In 2017, Ola announced its partnership with Microsoft to create a new connected vehicle platform for automakers around the world. Since then, the taxi platform has become a client of the US-based company.

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