War in Ukraine: EU parliament calls for more consistent sanctions against Russia

Members of the European Parliament called for stricter enforcement of EU sanctions against this Russia. In their resolution, they called on EU countries to close the loopholes and take further punitive measures. A new sanctions package against Russia is currently in the works due to the war against Ukraine.

According to a statement from Parliament, lawmakers indicated that Russia could avoid measures such as limiting oil prices. EU imports of petroleum products from countries such as India made with Russian oil have increased sharply.

The EU is one of the main buyers of fossil fuels from Russia

Due to continued imports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and piped gas, as well as various exemptions for oil imports, the EU remains one of the main buyers of fossil fuels for Russia, the statement said. EU markets should be closed to Russian oil and gas.

On the other hand, Russia is getting rowdy European Union Parliament There are still sensitive products from Western countries that are on the sanctions list. For this purpose, a detour through China, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan and Serbia will be used.

In addition, the EU should explore legal options to seize frozen Russian assets and rebuild the country Ukraine Parliament announced. Lawmakers also called for a ban on the sale and cutting of diamonds from Russia. Plans to limit diamond trade are already in place, according to several senior EU officials.

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