VIDEOS. Heatwave: as hot in Toulouse as it is in Dubai, temperatures will be extreme this afternoon and Saturday

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The heatwave currently raging in France is causing unprecedented temperatures for the month of June. They reached the level of the Gulf states. The comparisons are worrying.

It is on Fridays and Saturdays that maximum temperatures will reach extraordinary levels in France. 40 °C must be exceeded in Toulouse, Montpellier or Bordeaux. It was the first time the weather had been so hot earlier in the year in mainland France. Many records to be broken.

This temperature is not enviable to the maximum observed in the United Arab Emirates or India, as noted by Weather channel. In Toulouse, Montpellier or Bordeaux the temperature forecast 41°C corresponds to today’s expected temperature level in Dubai. In Nantes, the temperature will be 39°C just like in New Delhi in India. In Marseilles, and in Paris, the thermometer should show 35°C, the same temperature as in Cairo in Egypt or Gafsa in Tunisia.

Brest or Dijon will experience unprecedented temperatures this weekend: 34°C. This temperature is found in Bangkok, Thailand. Lille will also experience very, very hot temperatures, on par with Marrakech in Morocco: 33°C. Strasbourg, accustomed to a continental climate, will spend the afternoon with a temperature of 31°C. This is the temperature forecast for this Friday in Seville, Spain.

At 1 p.m., according to records from Sky Weatherthe temperature was 37.1°C in Nîmes, 36.8°C in Perpignan, 36.6°C in Montpellier, 35.4°C in Carcassonne, 34.7°C in Millau, 34.2°C in Toulouse- Blagnac, Albi and Auch, 33.5°C in Saint-Girons (Ariège), 33°C in Montauban, 32°C in Tarbes, 31.5°C in Gourdon (Lot) and 30.8°C in Rodez.

Météo France has put 12 departments on red alert, a relatively rare situation, due to the scorching temperatures expected through the end of the week.

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