Usbek & Rica – What if “Hunger Games” is the greatest work of our time?

Fact and fiction came together in an even more spectacular way in the mid-2010s, when social movements in certain Southeast Asian countries (Thailand, Burma, Hong Kong) adopted the famous three-finger salute, first used by local residents. from the highly dystopian District 12 to express their admiration for someone and say goodbye, before becoming one of the symbols of the popular resistance that Katniss Everdeen and her followers hope to lead.

In Thailand, as explained by Agence France Presse, this is “ repeated military coups to protect their interests ” And ” there the share of wealth is very high and concentrated in the hands of a small minority » that would arouse such enthusiasm, first in 2014 then in 2018. It must be said that the second and third parts of Katniss’s adventures have achieved box office revenues of 3.3 million dollars and 3.1 million dollars respectively – local office, despite some censorship on the part of those in power, and with almost a year between the two releases (November 2013 for Catching Fire and November 2014 for Rebellion – Part 1). “ [Ce symbole] to embody the values ​​of freedom, autonomy and fraternity “, activist Than Rittiphan told the BBC in 2014.

In the long term, how can we properly assess the potential of our children and grandchildren?Hunger Games ? Although there was a fairly successful literary prequel surrounding President Snow’s childhood, Ballad of Snakes and Songbirdspublished in 2020, Constance Grady noted that “ some fatigue » has settled around the saga, carried away according to him “THAT reaction which opposes Obama-era pop culture works Harry Potter Or Hamilton (American musical comedy about the lives of the founding fathers of the United States, editor’s note)accused of being too politically naive“. “ This is clearly not the case Hunger Games for all the reasons we’ve mentioned, but sadly I believe that the story was slowly erased from collective memory in the same movement.“, he says.

It’s hard to imagine Hunger Games can have the same durability as Star Wars OrHarry Potter, two worlds that make you dream and where people want to live, which is definitely not the case with Panemalso delayed Leah Wilson. However, the influence of Hunger Games This will also be felt elsewhere, especially in the sophisticated vision that young readers construct about the media, government, and issues of exploitation. »

More optimistically, Eddy Chevalier would like to believe that with a 16-year-old heroine at the head of the gondola, transgenerational successHunger Games it’s guaranteed. “ This work will speak to all future teens who want to rebel. In forty or fifty years, teenagers will be reading Hunger Games as we read today1984,” he predicted bluntly. And who knows, maybe in the meantime” revolution inspired byThe Hunger Games” publicly called for by President Snow’s interpreter, Donald Sutherland, are about to happen…

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