Unusual: two-headed calf born in India

It doesn’t have a name yet, but it’s already awesome. This is a calf born on January 15th on a farm in Gangaikondan, in southern India. This little baby was born with two heads, hanging on the same body.

Two heads, four eyes, two ears and two mouths, for the same body. A video delivered by CNN and Daily mail shows the line of spectators gathered in front of what is the new attraction of this small Indian village. We saw the animal suffer from polycephaly, a rare but unprecedented genetic disorder as a two-headed calf named Lucky was born in 2016 on a Kentucky farm in the United States. Even recently, in August 2020, another calf with biceps was born in Guizhou province in southeastern China.

This genetic disorder results from damage to the nervous system during embryonic development and division. Scientists don’t know exactly whether the two heads were truly independent of each other, as these rare specimens unfortunately have a very limited life expectancy, due to their malformations.

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