Understanding the Jump Shot in Basketball

3. Lay down

The layup is not a movement, but a series of movements to put the ball in the opponent’s ring. The lay up does not consist of a single movement, but a series of movements.

This movement is performed by taking two steps then placing the ball in the opponent’s ring. Lay-ups are done on the right or left side of the basket.

Thus, the lay-up is a technique which consists of putting the ball in the opponent’s basket, positioning the body so that it approaches the basketball ring. This move is one of the most fundamental shots in basketball.

This technique is classified as a close range shot and is known as a flying shot.

4 free throws

The free throw is a type of shot aimed at scoring points without being guarded at the free throw line. Players must stay behind the line when making a free throw.

Referees generally award a free throw to a player after a member of the opposing team commits a personal or technical foul, either on themselves, another teammate, or an official.

Free throws can be considered an important factor in the game of basketball. The reason is that this type of shooting gives the opportunity to one of the teams to score points outside of shooting time during the match.

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