UMuslim and Uniki speakers undergo training in India

BIREUEN, BARANEWSACEH.CO | Lecturer at the Faculty of Computer Science, Almuslim University, T.Rafli Abdilah, S.Sn., M.Sn, and two lecturers at the National University of Indonesia (Uniki) Bireuen, T. Irfan Fajri. S. Kom., MMSI and Mai Simahatie. SEMM has been selected to receive a scholarship to participate in the “Data Science and Data Analytics” training at the Center for Development of Advanced Computing Technology (C-DAC) of the Indian Center for Development of Advanced Computing Technology (C-DACT) ).

They join dozens of other speakers from 26 countries around the world and will stay in India for 21 days, from November 22, 2023 to December 12, 2023.

According to one of the participants, T. Rafli Abdillah, said that this program is part of the India-Asia-Pacific Collaboration (ITEC), while the participation is an implementation of the collaboration of the Aceh government with India, he said.

According to him, this scholarship is part of a growing competence in the field of computer science, as well as the desire to continue to develop the understanding of data science, which is increasingly important in the current digital era, explained T.Rafli Abdillah.

Through this intensive training, it is hoped that regional participants will be able to learn how to increase their scientific capabilities from leading experts at C-DAC, Mohali India, known for their expertise in the areas of data science and data technology. data analysis.

The activity brought together approximately 30 participants from 26 countries, the countries of origin of the participants being Indonesia, Peru, Zimbabwe, Iraq, Cameroon, Africa, Myanmar, Somalia, Ghana, Algeria, Kyrgyzstan, Maldives, Ethiopia and several other countries. By chance, in this class, “there are 3 people from Aceh,” said T. Rafli Abdillah.

While the ‘Welcome Party’ activity is part of the agenda of the India-Asia-Pacific Cooperation (ITEC) programme, the participants are expected to display the culture of their respective countries using traditional regional clothing.

At the “Welcome Party” event, the three of us were from Aceh, wearing traditional Aceh clothes and performing images of Aceh dance moves in the form of saman and ranub lampan dance moves.

The performance of Aceh dance movements attracted the attention of a number of participants from various countries due to the uniqueness and bright colors of Aceh traditional clothing, so many participants from other countries appreciated these clothes, said T. Rafli. (ZK)

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