Two corrupt Indian-born South African billionaires arrested in Dubai– Two brothers of a wealthy Indian-born businessman suspected of being at the center of a vast network of corruption in South Africa have been arrested in Dubai. This was announced by the Pretoria government on Monday (06/06/2022).

The arrests came as an investigation concluded a massive theft from state institutions under President Jacob Zuma.

South Africa’s Department of Justice has confirmed it has received information from law enforcement authorities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that fugitives Rajesh and Atul Gupta have been arrested, AFP reports.

The pair, along with another brother, are suspected of being at the center of mega-corruption during Jacob Zuma’s nine-year presidency until 2018. They are accused of paying bribes -wine in exchange for contracts for lucrative state projects and for influencing the president at ministerial meetings. appointment.

Their arrests came nearly a year after Interpol issued a red notice in July 2021.

“Discussions between various law enforcement agencies in the UAE and South Africa regarding next steps are ongoing,” the ministry said.

The Gupta family came to South Africa in 1993 and founded successful businesses in mining, computing and media. They had acquired South African citizenship but fled the country shortly after the judicial commission to investigate corruption began work in 2018.

After a four-year investigation, Supreme Court Chief Justice Raymond Zondo has written a report revealing how the Gupta brothers became entangled in the corruption of senior government officials and the ruling African National Congress (ANC).

In a series of reports released this year, investigators said supply contracts on all rail, port and pipeline projects amounted to “planned violations of extortionate activities by companies” linked to the Gupta family. .

Investigators also concluded that Zuma “will do whatever the Gupta asks.”

The corruption scandal that involved Zuma forced him to resign in 2018.

Zuma was sentenced last year to 15 months in prison for refusing to testify before investigators. He was released on parole after serving only two months.

In July last year, Interpol said the Gupta brothers were wanted for fraud and money laundering in connection with a contract to carry out an agricultural feasibility study, for which 25 million rand (1 £.3 million) was paid to a Gupta-linked company, Nulane Investment.*

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