[Tribune] The Armor-Indian Symphony…isn’t finished yet

Today’s India has the largest number of students: one in four students in the world, who speak English. It is time to pay attention to this in France, which is largely an Anglo-Saxon globalized country. Brittany and India? A Historical Basis for a flight into the future? Ambiguous Brittany, which exported well on a cultural level but poorly on an economic level, momentarily favored China’s appeal. Thanks to AADI (Alliance Armor Dupleix Inde), Brittany is the French region with the most exchange of high school students with India, and Morlaix could be a modern Indian counterpoint in France, inspired by bold characters: Tromelin, Brossard/Missour Aly who was born there, and especially the family of Joseph Dupleix “des Indes”, better known throughout the world, and three other members who contributed so much to Brittany and Morlaix, were all overlooked by ideological taboos.
By sharing this momentum at first, we quickly left behind the “easy” and somewhat narcissistic international world, such as this region and its “indifference” towards neighboring countries that were already very close to these countries. The demise of the Franco-Indian Institute in Brittany was not a failure but an abandonment by institutional partners and their short-term goals. However, despite doubts about current excesses, India remains a good democracy, better than many others in the judiciary, and with potential that has been underestimated for too long. Not only on an intellectual level, but also economically, on entrepreneurial themes specific to Brittany (blue economy, agro, ICT, aeronautics, algae, tourism, etc.), while other regions, less capable in this regard, they are becoming better known in India . The great success of the Bretons in India, although real, is still rare and instead represents an abnormal deficit that risks being repaid one day. “Elected representatives” don’t like it when we try to “influence” them?

Are they already untouchable and their goals unassailable? True culture, progress, it’s like gymnastics, it can get a bit stuck… Courage, vision? If Dupleix and other adventurers in our region were our current politicians, many of the happiest moments in our history would never have happened. The French narrative was absent from the speeches of our local councillors. Regions no longer adhere to? Keep going ? Dupleix, better known to the English who also imitated him, did not follow the direction of his timid management of the kingdom, he was also punished and humiliated. Of course, he didn’t have a good character, but a century before the good and in defiance of the cruelty of colonialism, he knew how to do it. Confusing messages and messages, why doesn’t Morlaix itself launch a long-term innovative project that would then receive wider support? Help yourself and heaven will help you. To exchange for the future executives of our country, India’s young, open, brilliant, globalized generation, which we see less of, passing on to them some of our values ​​that their current context does not offer, and creating a dynamic pool of future actors, where Indian families often become entrepreneurs. As for non-financial support, being an “opener” for other authorities and partners is a dream: “That’s not what we’re here for,” says one economic manager in Morlaix.

The symphony is beautiful, we thank our supporters, but perhaps it will be continued by other actors who can be highlighted by the press. Morlaix received five ambassadors from India, an honor for Brittany, but the embassy understood that other regions with no historical narrative with India had a more realistic vision of fruitful cooperation.

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