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Scholz confirmed the traffic light budget policy. The Chancellor said in his administration’s statement that the government was right to provide money to deal with the current crisis. But he also acknowledged: “Knowing the current decision, we would have taken a different path in winter 2021.” CDU leader Merz once again sharply criticized the government. Go to Article

Gil Ofarim admitted in court that he lied. The Jewish musician made serious accusations against a hotel in Leipzig in October 2021. According to the Public Prosecutor’s assessment, this incident was different from what Ofarim was accused of. The musician has now confessed in court and apologized. He had to pay 10,000 euros. For articles (SZ Plus)

Rescue workers free trapped workers in India. After 17 days, rescue workers finally managed to reach 41 people trapped in a tunnel in India. The men were taken out on rolling stretchers. Go to Article

Heavy snow slows down fighting in Ukraine. Storms in the Black Sea and southern Ukraine are affecting the pace of military operations along the front lines in Ukraine. The wife of Ukraine’s military intelligence chief has reportedly been poisoned. Live blog about the war in Ukraine

Other important topics today:

Everything about the war in the Middle East

Israel reports suspected ceasefire violations. According to media reports, the Israeli military reported an explosion in the northern Gaza Strip near soldiers. A spokesman for Hamas’ military wing said Israeli soldiers there violated the agreement – that was the only reason for the attack. Live blog about the war in the Middle East

Israel is divided on the question of whether to proceed with the prisoner swap. There are two camps that have emerged in the Israeli leadership. One aims to free as many hostages as possible – even if this means the ceasefire has to be extended repeatedly. Others fear that Israel’s war machine will stall if hostilities are delayed too long. Go to Article

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