Thomas and the Uber Cup standings after Indonesia win on day one

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Indonesian men’s and women’s teams won on day one Thomas Cup and Uber Cup 2022. Here is the current ranking of Thomas and Uber Cup 2022.

The Indonesian badminton team successfully won the inaugural Thomas Cup and Uber Cup matches held at the Impact Arena in Bangkok on Sunday (8/5).

The Thomas Indonesia team successfully beat Singapore 4-1. Meanwhile, the Indonesian team Uber won 5-0 against France.

This victory allowed the Thomas Indonesia team to take the lead in the Group A standings with a score of one point.

Thomas Indonesia’s side are currently superior to South Korea, who sit second with one point after their 3-2 win over Thailand on Sunday (8/5).

Meanwhile, Singapore, who were beaten by Indonesia, must now be bottom of the Group A standings.

Meanwhile, Thailand, who lost to South Korea, are third in Group A.

Then the Uber Indonesia team is now ranked second in Group A with a collection of one point.

While the head of group A of the Uber Cup is occupied by Japan with a score of one point after their victory over Germany on Sunday (8/5).

Thomas Cup 2022 standings:

group A
1. Indonesian 1
2. South Korea 1
3. Thailand 0
4. Singapore 0

Group B
1. Denmark 0
2. China 0
3.France 0
4. Algeria 0

Group C
1. Taiwan 1
2. Indian 1
3. Germany 0
4.Canada 0

Group D
1. Japan
2. Malaysia
3. English
4. United States of America

Ranking of the Uber Cup 2022:

group A
1. Japan 1
2. Indonesian 1
3.France 0
4. Germany 0

Group B
1. China 1
2. Taiwan 1
3. Spain 0
4. Australia 0

Group C
1. Thailand 1
2. Denmark 1
3. Malaysia 0
4. Egypt 0

Group D
1. South Korea 1
2. Indian 1
3. Canada 0
4. United States 0

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