These latest 44 discoveries make Iran a technological superpower

Iran was named as the country with the most advanced technology, beating developed countries like Japan and Germany. PHOTOS/ News from Tehran

TEHRAN Iran crowned as a technologically advanced country beating developed countries like Germany, South Korea and Japan.

This is quite surprising as Iran politically internationally has received severe sanctions.

Iran is one of five countries vying to become the technological superpower of the future.

According to the latest report from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, IRNA reported that Iran is the second most important technological power between the United Kingdom and India, which both occupy the top five countries in 29 of the 44 types. of technology, according to the ASPI Report.

Among 44 new technologies, Iran is currently developing a super hypersonic missile capable of penetrating any country’s defense system

“All these announcements are aimed at raising awareness, raising awareness and raising public awareness of Iran’s nuclear program,” International Atomic Energy Agency chief Rafael Grossi was quoted as saying by Arab News. .

The hypersonic missile can deliver nuclear weapons in the same way as traditional ballistic missiles.

The difference is that these hypersonic missiles can fly at more than five times the speed of sound and are so maneuverable that they are impossible to track and defend.

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