There’s No Indonesia, It’s National Geographic’s Coolest Countries of 2024


National Geographic announced its list of the 30 coolest places and experiences (nice list) for 2024. But unfortunately there is no Indonesia.

Report of CNN, As of Wednesday (08/11/2023), about half the list was in Europe, including areas as diverse as the ruins of Pompeii and the Albanian mountains. The magazine called him a rising star.

The list selection criteria are quite broad, so one location and another may be very different. For example, there are places that are considered the best to explore because they are large cities that are very modern, have sporting events or simply allow tourists to escape to a place that the it’s called a secluded paradise. In addition, it is associated with a municipal celebration in 2024.

Some cities also make the list because of their delicious food, museums, and nightlife. There’s Xi’an, China, famous for its UNESCO-listed terracotta warriors, and Lima, Peru, which has become one of the most famous culinary tourist destinations in the world.

Meanwhile, Tainan, the original capital of Taiwan, will celebrate its 400th anniversary in 2024. This could be a great excuse to enjoy eel noodles, turkey rice, tofu pudding and others street snacks.

In some cases, National Geographic highlights entire states. There are two in the United States, Texas and New York, each the size of an entire country in Europe.

National Geographic doesn’t just recommend visiting New York, as it includes Lake Placid and Niagara Falls. Meanwhile, Texas has some great places to view the 2024 total solar eclipse.

In Victoria, an Australian state near Melbourne, the Great Victorian Swimming Trail features hot springs little known in the region.

National Geographic also praised the northern Indian state of Sikkim, located in the Himalayas on the border of Bhutan and Nepal. The jewel in the crown is Kangchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world.

Nova Scotia, Canada, is a province known for its Acadian culture. This ethnic group is made up of descendants of Canada’s first settlers from France, and their cultural heritage is reflected in their delicious seafood dishes.

Natural wonders on this list include the Atacama Desert in Chile (the driest place on Earth), the lush island of Dominica in the Caribbean, and the dry forest of Andrefana in Madagascar, famous for its baobab trees .

Here are National Geographic’s 30 Coolest Lists for 2024:

1. Albanian Alps, Albania
2. Belfast, Northern Ireland
3. Emilia-Romagna, Italy
4. Europe by train
5. Galloway and South Ayrshire, Scotland
6. Nordland, Norway
7. North Yorkshire, England
8. Pompeii, Italy
9. Saimaa, Finland
10. Tartu, Estonia
11. Euro, Germany
12. Valletta, Malta
13. Whiskey in Wales
14. Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland
15. Atacama Desert, Chile
16. Lima, Peru
17. New York State
18. Miami, Florida
19. Dominic
20. Nova Scotia, Canada
22. Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
23. Ibera Wetlands, Argentina
24. Akagera, Rwanda
25. Andrefana dry forest, Madagascar
26. Sierra Leone
27. Sikkim, India
28. Tainan, Taiwan
29. Xi’an, China
30.Victoria, Australia

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