the world’s greatest baker fears crop failure

India’s record heatwave threatens wheat exports amid existing shortages.

The world’s second largest wheat producer, India, is facing a decline in wheat production this year due to unusually warm weather in March, Reuters reported yesterday.

The country has recorded a record wheat harvest for the fifth year in a row, and officials expect another record yield this year, hoping to boost exports amid supply disruptions from the Ukraine crisis, Reuters said.

In the fiscal year ending March, India exported a record 7.85 million tonnes Corn, an increase of 275% over the previous year, and is expected to export 12 million tonnes this fiscal year. However, an official government memo seen by Reuters estimated that harvests would be at least 6% lower than forecast, threatening export plans.

India recorded its warmest March in 122 years this year, with the maximum temperature across the country rising almost two degrees above normal to 33.1C (91.58F), according to data from the country’s meteorological department.

Wheat prices have hit record highs in recent months due to fears of supply shortages due to Russian military action in Ukraine.

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