The United States surprised by the passage of North Korean missiles, a new technology?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – American (US) intelligence claims that in its last missile test, North Korea (North Korea) used a trajectory never seen before.

In a report CNN International, three intelligence sources said this find was seen in one of three missiles launched. The missile has a flight path described as “double arc”.

“The trajectory may indicate that its purpose is to test North Korea’s ability to fire missiles and re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere to hit targets,” the two officials said on Saturday (5/28/2022).

“The second phase of the missile’s possible dual arc could be a disconnected re-entry vehicle from the main missile. We’re not quite sure yet if this is all part of the intended flight path,” another official said.

North Korea had previously fired the three missiles on Wednesday. In the report from South Korea (South Korea), the missile that was fired first was an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) with a flight range of about 360 km and an altitude of about 540 km. The missile was launched at 6 a.m.

At around 6:37 a.m., Pyongyang fired a second ballistic missile. The missile disappeared from South Korean tracking at an altitude of 20 kilometers. Then the third missile, presumed to be a short-range ballistic missile (SRBM), traveled about 760 km and had an altitude of 60 km.

Meanwhile, the missile itself was fired as United States (US) President Joe Biden ended his visit to the Asian region. Biden was the last in Japan to attend the summit of the Quad alliance which includes the United States, India, Australia and Japan.

Besides Japan, Biden has also visited South Korea. He met President Yoon and visited some of the factories in the country of ginseng

South Korea itself is currently known to be preparing for a potential attack from North Korea. Newly elected President Yoon has even opened up the possibility of bringing US nuclear weapons into his territory to contain Pyongyang’s aggression if that happens.

“In the event of an attack, the United States will provide assistance, including missile defense and its nuclear umbrella,” Yoon said.

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