The train crash rocked India: at least 275 people died, hundreds were injured

A devastating train crash

Rail disaster in India: 275 killed and hundreds injured

Updated: 04-06-2023 17:36

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Hundreds of people have died in a train accident in India

Hundreds of people have died in a train accident in India

Nearly 300 people were killed and more than 850 injured in India’s worst rail crash in more than two decades. After the collision of two passenger trains and a freight train standing on the tracks in Odisha state, 288 deaths have been counted, rescue officials said.

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New Delhi.
At least 275 dead and hundreds injured: Train crash shakes India. Eyewitnesses report shocking scenes.

There are truly shocking images and eyewitness accounts: Train passengers describe the disastrous moment when several trains crashed in eastern India, killing more than 275 people and injuring hundreds of others. Cars were thrown off the tracks, now lying everywhere and beside the tracks. The compartment ceiling was torn off, windows shattered. It’s one of the hardest train wreck in India, which occurred on Friday night (local time) in Balasore district, 200 kilometers southwest of Kolkata, formerly Calcutta. And it caused shock all over the world.

The survivors described horrific scenes. “Bodies were everywhere, many body parts missing, people stuck in carts screaming for help,” one survivor told The Hindu newspaper. “I saw people with mutilated body parts and disfigured faces. It will haunt me forever.” An eyewitness told a local TV station that he was jolted awake when his train suddenly stopped. slipped – and chaos broke out.

“10 to 15 people fell on me.” He escaped with cuts to his neck and hands, but then saw corpses and body parts everywhere. “It was a deafening sound, I felt the ground shaking beneath my feet. Our train was thrown back and forth,” a passenger was quoted as saying by the Times of India. Then he looked out the window and saw the derailed cart trapped person. “It was dark and I could hear screams.”

India: cause of train crash remains unclear

Maid tries desperately on weekends, yet wounded to save from the debris. Rescue workers at the site later said Sunday morning they were no longer expecting to find any survivors. 1000 workers are now busy with evictions. At the same time, relatives at the scene are trying to identify the victims, some of whom are severely disabled.

Meanwhile, the search for why has begun. According to government information, the disaster occurred on a Error in electronics associated.

Origin of accident has not been precisely clarified. However, according to reports, railway officials said that the Coromandel Express from Kolkata to Chennai sided and collided with a freight train, which was then hit by an express train coming from Bangalore.

India’s Minister of Railways Ashwini Vaishnaw referred to this on Sunday signaling system as the cause of the accident. “We have identified the cause of the accident and the person responsible,” said the minister.

Government of India: harsh punishments for those responsible

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi rushed to the scene and resigned harsh punishment for those responsible: “Whoever is found guilty will receive the harshest of all severe punishments. You will not be spared,” he said. It should now be carefully investigated who is to blame for the disaster, continued Modi. The prime minister visited the injured in a clinic, praying with them and trying to comfort them.

Office of Prime Minister shortly after the accident it was announced that compensation for the relatives of the dead was 200,000 rupees (2,267 euros) each. Therefore, the injured should receive 50,000 rupees each. Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw also promised Rs 1 million in compensation to the families of the dead. According to information, people who were seriously injured should receive 200,000 rupees each and slightly injured persons 50,000 rupees each.

Politicians and heads of state expressed their condolences around the world, most recently that of US President Joe Biden. From German meanwhile there was a dismayed reaction: “I am deeply shocked by the train accident in India with hundreds of dead and injured,” said the Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) about Twitter. That EUCommission President Ursula von der Leyen wrote: “I express my heart to the families of the victims of the train accident in Odisha deepest condolences and wish the injured a speedy recovery.” (fmg/dpa)

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