The Ministry of Finance promotes the optimization of information technology in the formulation of regulations

Deputy Minister of Finance: the Ministry of Finance encourages the optimization of information technology in the drafting of regulations

Jakarta, 09/11/2021 MoF – The Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu) continues to encourage the use of information technology to support efficiency and effectiveness in the implementation of tasks and functions, including including the optimization of information technology in the preparation of regulations.

“We want to continue to encourage how the regulations issued by the government, especially the Ministry of Finance, can also be properly applied and supported by an appropriate IT system,” Deputy Finance Minister (Wamenkeu) Suahasil Nazara said. in a 2021 Legal Webinar on Tuesday (09/09/2020).11) online.

The Deputy Minister of Finance understands that there are a number of laws and regulations that need to be harmonized and stipulated. While the manual preparation must be replaced by the basis of information technology.

The end-to-end digitization process requires synergy between Ministries/Institutions (K/L). For this reason, coordination with ministries/agencies is essential to optimize and refine the initiatives of the Ministry of Finance.

“We would like to thank the Ministry of the Secretariat of State, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, as well as the other ministries/institutions which always continue to work with us, in particular by innovating by using technologies of the information,” the Deputy Finance Minister said.

On this occasion, the Deputy Minister of Finance also officially launched Prime Lova, a platform initiated by the Ministry of Finance to improve the quality of regulations issued through the evaluation of simpler and more effective laws and regulations, and having a wide scope.

This platform serves to solicit public comments, evaluation and aspirations on the laws and regulations issued by the Ministry of Finance. The existence of Prime Lova should raise public awareness for the implementation of regulatory reforms to create a single trusted Ministry of Finance. (dj/nug/hpy)

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