The Mayor of Mojokerto’s Fitness Secret: Exercise to Increase Gratitude


The fast of the month of Ramadan does not oblige the mayor of Mojokerto, Ika Puspitasari, to reduce his activities. He remains active in the Ramadan Safari by going around the mosque and the prayer hall which is done every Fajr and Asr.

In addition, Ika or who is colloquially called Ning Ita still takes the time to do morning exercises to ride a bicycle. This is to maintain the resistance of the body which remains excellent.

Like last Saturday (4/16) for example. After doing Ramadan Safari, she cycled around the city on a wind bike accompanied by her husband Supriyadi Karima Saiful and ranks of Mojokerto city government.

“Fasting should not be used as an excuse for us to be lazy to move, lazy to do activities. sports, it’s fine as long as we want to exercise and it’s adjusted to each body’s ability,” he said in a written statement Monday (4/18/2022).

Besides, it also maintains fluid intake to keep the body fit. Ning Ita said that most of the human body is made up of water, therefore, fluid intake must be taken into account in order to maintain the function of body organs.

“When to split the limited time to eat it so you can consume water,” he explained.

He added that in addition to maintaining a healthy physical condition with a healthy lifestyle, a happy and grateful heart is also the key to health.

“This vitamin of the heart is the most important, increases gratitude, so it is not a luxury, not a facility, whatever conditions God has given, as long as we are always grateful for this favor, if God wants, the blessings will increase,” he concluded.

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