The match was canceled due to rain, the Indonesian cricket team was considered to have lost


CNN Indonesia

Thursday September 21, 2023 9:10 p.m. IWST

Illustration of the 2023 Asian Games. (AFP/STR)

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

The Indonesian Cricket Association (PCI) has lodged a protest with Asian Games 2023 after the Indonesian women’s national cricket team was stopped in the quarter-finals on Thursday (21/9).

The Indonesian women’s national cricket team was considered defeated after the match against Pakistan in the quarter-finals at the ZJUT Cricket Field was called off.

The Indonesia vs Pakistan duel did not take place due to weather problems. The heavy rain that fell on the ZJUT cricket ground led to the decision to stop the match even though there was no winner.

Unfortunately for Indonesia, due to lack of a winner, the red and white team were considered to have lost to Pakistan. As a result, Indonesia was eliminated while Pakistan advanced to the semi-finals.

In a statement received by from the Indonesian NOC (National Olympic Committee), cricket regulations stipulate that the top-ranked team in the world will advance to the next round after the match ends without a winner.

“For Indonesia against Pakistan, the result is not a result. However, as Pakistan’s world ranking is higher, they have the right to go to the semi-final,” PCI president said, Abhiram Singh.

After this decision detrimental to Indonesia, PCI immediately protested to the International Technical Officer (ITO) for cricket. Through the Indonesian NOC, PCI also submitted a protest to the CoM meeting level.

“Of course we are at a disadvantage, that’s why we are trying to protest through the NOC. Earlier, we sent a complete timeline of documents for the NOC at the CoM meeting. Let’s hope he can there have a solution,” said Abhiram Singh.


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