the last thing we want to do is delete the game from PS5, PS4

Microsoft, still carefully going through legal bureaucracy needed to seal the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, again hinting that it won’t make the game a publisher exclusive. at the beginning of the yearvery clear that “big titles like Obligation will continue to be available on Sony PlayStation. He even suggested that he wanted to broaden the brand’s horizons, concluding that some entries could also be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

During the press conference, reiterates this point: “If we buy a game that comes with a large community across multiple platforms, the last thing we want to do is delete something,” said Matt Booty, chief executive officer at Xbox Game Studios. “If anything, we think it’s our job to be stewards, shepherds, to continue to build and nurture this community, not to cut it off and try to take part in it.”

Of course, the caveat here is that you could argue that there’s a large PlayStation community for, say, old document – but Microsoft has confirmed that the next episode of the series will be exclusive, as long as it happens. The same can be said, to a lesser extent, about hell sword – the original was first released on PS4, before making its way to other platforms. The successor, however, will be exclusive to the Xbox Series X|S.

So it seems that even though there will be a sequel to the Activision Blizzard game on the PlayStation, everything will be on Microsoft’s terms. Which makes sense, considering you’re spending nearly $70 billion on publishers, but still potentially disappointing for those who prefer to play on PS5 and PS4. will it be a new one? accident bandicoot games, for example, will they arrive on Sony consoles? Based on Booty’s comments about the “big community”, we assume so, since the character was previously the PS1 mascot, but that’s still unanswered, right?

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