The history of Indian police uniforms considered similar to Indonesian security guards

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Police India become a conversation in indonesia because of the new uniform Security the cream-colored one would be similar to that of the Bollywood state apparatus. The Indian police uniform itself went through changes before becoming what it is today.

In India, the Indian police uniform is called khaki. The word “kaki” comes from “khak” which in Indian means dust, earth or ash.

There is a long history behind the designation of the khaki colored uniform. It all started in the mid 1800s when India was still under British rule.

As reported by the media India timewhen the British arrived, the police uniform in the Indian region was actually white.

However, their uniforms often become dirty after long stays. indian local media, Indian DNAreported that due to these dirty uniforms, the Indian police often got into trouble.

A number of police then began trying to soak their uniforms in a liquid that dulled the fabric. They tried using water full of mud for a mixture of tea leaves.

Over time, more and more police officers are using this method to burnish their uniforms. They then named the color khaki.

About 100 years before India’s independence, in 1847, Sir Henry Lawrence, a member of the Governor’s staff of the North West Frontier, inaugurated the new police uniform as it is known today .

If you pay attention, Indian police attire is indeed akin to a security guard’s new uniform in the form of a beige shirt. The difference is that the security guard uniform is combined with brown pants, while the Indian police uniforms are the same color as the shirt.

The decision to change the security guard’s clothing was made because their previous clothing was similar to that of the police. The colors of the uniforms have been changed so people won’t be fooled.

The introduction of the new security guard uniform was held simultaneously with the security guard’s 41st anniversary ceremony at Bhayangkara Police Field today, Tuesday (2/2).

After seeing this new security guard uniform, netizens immediately flooded the virtual world with comments about the Indian police.

“Cool Indonesian security guard. You can’t be like Indonesian police anymore, it’s ok to be like Indian police,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another netizen also wrote, “The new security guards uniform is cream colored. So remember Inspector Vijay hehehe.”


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