The FDP wants to ease the pressure on the health authorities in Thuringia with a “National Health Center”.


September 22, 2023, 11:57 p.m.

According to the FDP, Thuringia’s public health service is in urgent need of reform. The FDP has presented a new bill to the state parliament. The state parliamentary group wants to reduce the burden on the health authorities of independent districts and cities.

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The FDP group in the state parliament has proposed the creation of a “state health center” to ease the burden on the health authorities in Thuringia’s districts and independent cities. The health policy leader of the state parliamentary group, Robert-Martin Montag, said on Friday that various areas of the Ministry of Health and state administration could be consolidated in the center without creating more jobs. A corresponding bill is before the state parliament. He could be notified in November.

Local health authorities lack specialized personnel

According to Monday, Thuringia is the only state that does not yet have such a structure. The public health service is in urgent need of reform and must become more modern and therefore more attractive to doctors and specialist staff. The health authorities in Thuringia’s 17 districts and five independent cities are suffering from a shortage of personnel.

Montag pointed out that the state parliament had called on the state government to implement legal reforms and regulations in 2016. But according to him, no action was taken. Thuringia’s public health service is currently still based on regulations from the early 1990s. There is regulatory confusion between the municipal health authorities, the ministry and the state administration.

Digitalization strategy continues to advance

According to the FDP politician, the “National Health Center” could, on the one hand, take over routine administrative tasks and, on the other hand, advance the digitalization strategy. Furthermore, more scientific expertise and coordination could be organized for critical developments. This would allow local health authorities to focus more on their original tasks: promoting the health of the population.

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