The dispute on the plane escalated: a man was frightened – the Lufthansa plane had to land

Disputes on board increased
Humans panic – Lufthansa plane has to land

A man is said to have threatened his wife and created a riot on a flight between Munich and Bangkok. According to an eyewitness, to keep him calm until the safe landing triggered by the incident, the people on board played a fake game.

Due to an incident on board, Lufthansa flight LH772 made an unscheduled landing in India en route from Munich to Thailand. Lufthansa confirmed that the plane had to be diverted to the Indian capital, New Delhi. The reason was “non-compliant behavior by passengers”, “which could compromise the safety and integrity on board the aircraft”. The man was handed over to authorities in New Delhi.

According to reports from Indian news agencies, an argument occurred on board the A380. The passengers were German. The 53 year old man is said to have shouted at his Thai wife. He also threw food and tried to burn the blanket with a lighter. It is not known what the content of the dispute is. Because the man did not follow staff instructions, the pilot requested a safe landing, he said.

Indian media “The Telegraph” reported that the woman initially complained to the pilot about her husband’s behavior because she felt “threatened” by him. He is said to have requested intervention.

“It’s scary”

A passenger told the newspaper “Bild” about the situation on the plane: “It was scary. All the monitors were turned off so the rioters did not realize that we were not landing in Bangkok but in New Delhi. There were no passengers on the plane.” -announcement on board, but passengers were informed privately in discussions about landing in India.”

After landing, the passenger bridge appeared to roll towards the plane. “But no one can get out,” said the passenger. “All passengers must remain seated, and now there is an announcement over the loudspeaker that filming or taking photos is prohibited. At that time, six soldiers entered the plane and escorted the man off the plane.”

Lufthansa said: “Flights to Bangkok are expected to resume with minor delays. The safety of passengers and crew is our top priority.”

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