New Launch: Royce’, New Delhi

After mesmerising customers in Mumbai and Bangalore, ROYCE’,the famed Japanese confectionary company launches in New Delhi at Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj.Founded in 1983 in Northern Japan, ROYCE’ prides itself on its wide and unique offering that follows one underlying theme- chocolate products that are rich in flavour, textures, complexity and creativity.  Royce, Ambience Mall, www.stylecity.inOne of the brand’s most hot selling products is the “Potatochip Chocolate” range of confectionary. The “Potatochip Chocolate” are salty potato chips coated with a layer of milk chocolate on one side. The company’s other signature product, the “Nama”, is a cocoa-dusted truffle-like chocolate so fine and delicate that it requires a specially designed spatula to lift and hold. Then my favourite,as I am not a cocoa person is the “Prafeuille Chocolat”. This three millimeter thin strawberry-scented chocolate is inspired by the delicate French desert “millefeuille” and is filled with a medley of sweet-tart raspberry and blueberry reduction. Also in-store will be the “Criollo Chocolate”, this complex and aromatic chocolate is made from Criollo beans, the world’s rarest and most expensive cacao beans, found only near Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela.ROYCE' Criollo Chocolate,

ROYCE' Chocolate 'Hazel Cream' Wafers, www.stylecity.inEven the ROYCE’ store at Ambience, Vasant Kunj has been designed to complement the brands intricate Japanese identity and culture. The front fascia of the store as well as the display counter, mimic the delicacy and geometry of contemporary Japanese architecture and interiors. Materials like hardwood maple are used to blend in with existing surroundings creating a warm and inviting retail as well as tasting experience. The space has been designed as a transformative Japanese chocolate bar, conducive to exploration and interaction.

ROYCE' Potatochip Chocolate,
Burgundy Hospitality, a first-of-its-kind fine foods and luxury gourmet curator is accredited for bringing this unique brand to India. ROYCE’ chocolates are priced at Rs. 1050/- for 125gms onwards.To celebrate the festive season, ROYCE’ introduces a very special “Limited Edition Assortment Gift Box”. The Limited Edition Gift Box for Diwali has five varieties of ROYCE’ chocolate and a total of 38 pieces, including Baton Cookies (6 pcs), Chocolate Wafers “Hazel Cream” (6 pcs), Criollo Chocolate (6 pcs) and Pure Chocolates (20 pcs).Priced at Rs. 2000, the luxurious “Limited Edition Diwali Box”  is available at ROYCE’ Delhi, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj on a pre-order basis till the end of October.

Stylish Gift Wrapping

The Stylist and Gift Wrapper in me cannot be happier than by a new stop shop for gifting wrapping. Named Paper Handy and located in Hauz Khas village. The shop is perfect for whether you are selecting gift wrapping for your wedding trousseau, selecting unique invitation cards or gifting wine bottle to your friends on their special day; PaperHandy helps you do it in style and elegance. Made with all natural material and printing colours, Paperhandy has a wide variety of gift bags, photo albums, Wine bottle bags, cards & envelopes, gift boxes and handmade paper. And the best part, the products have an earthy and natural appeal keeping in mind the Indian touch.

4- wine bottle bag, Paper Handy,


chic gift bags, Paper Handy, trendy gift bag, Paper Handy,

shagun scroll, Paper Handy,

So next time you are stuck about how to wrap an important gift, you know where to go. And if it is me you are gifting I will love you if you do it in a Stylish wrap.
Address-24/1 Hauz Khas Village , New Delhi

News: Chocolate Fever

I probably come in the 5% of the people in the world who don’t love chocolate, but even I have to admit chocolate can be an addiction and a definite mood enhancer. Keeping this in mind it is no surprise stores and cafes serving specifically towards Chocolate culture are the current rage. Namely The Chocolate Beetle and The Cocoa Trees.

The Chocolate Beetle,

The Chocolate Beetle is known  for its Signature Belgian Chocolate truffle cake, Beetle’s Brownie sandwich, flavoured hot chocolates in hazelnut, mint, cinnamon & irish cream,  Signature Belgian Chocolate truffle Shake, Low fat gelato’s & ice creams, Gulkand filled chocolates, Message chocolate bars , selection of imported chocolates. Offering low sugar & low calories offering for calorie conscious & diabetic in form of no added sugar chocolate bars, diet chocolate gelato, other low fat gelatos. It also offers customized gifting options for weddings as well as corporate gifts. Founder and Director The Chocolate Beetle Gurjeev Gulati says “The Chocolate Beetle Community” is consistently serving and delivering the highest quality chocolate products and providing outstanding personalized service in a vibrant, unique retailing concept.” Well I have not tried it personally, but it seems interesting from the looks of it.

The Cocoa Trees Store_1

While The Cocoa Trees retail boutique is a fun, interesting and exciting confectionary concept store utilizing a ‘shop-in-shop’ concept designed for all ages. The store has bright, tidy and warm interiors amidst vibrantly coloured shelves stacked with an effervescent range of brands and a wide assortment of treats. The Cocoa Trees incorporates retail store elements that encourage dynamic customer interaction, along with an ambience that is always aesthetically pleasing and welcoming, hence chocolate buying becomes a truly experiential affair.
So if Chocolate is your thing, do visit these stores.

The Fortress Resort and Spa, Galle, Sri Lanka

On my recent Sri Lanka trip, I had a reservation for two days at The Fortress Resort and Spa thanks to Small Luxury Hotels of the World to review the property. Small Luxury hotels of the world, have tie-ups with some of the most beautiful boutique hotels around the world, so I always have really high expectations with the properties they are linked with and “The Fortress” did not disappoint.

THE Fortress, Galle, Sri Lanka.

On our way from spending the day at Galle fort, we actually missed the property and drove past it, cause as the name suggests, The Fortress is like a fort next to the beach with high walls and solid wooden doors. When we did manage to turn around a find the place I was a little intimidated by the huge size of the wall, but once you enter the property that changes, for you are greeted by lush gardens and a view of the swimming pool over-looking the vast blue ocean and served with a cool welcome drink which is a refreshing welcome for The Fortress is 160 km from the airport (and Sri Lanka is really humid)

The Fortress, Galle, Sri Lanka.

Inspired by the Dutch Fort Design, The Fortress has 53 rooms with six distinct styles of guest’s rooms and residences, each creating sensual living spaces with a naturally modern twist. The categories are the Fortress Room, The Beach Room, The Ocean Room, Splash rooms, The Ocean Lofts and The Fortress Residences. With a well-balanced design concept at the forefront, each room has been designed with either private courtyards or balconies with a view to either the gardens, water features or the Indian Ocean. We are shown to our Ocean View room, which is on the upper level and faces the Swimming Pool and the Ocean.

The Fortress, Galle, Sri Lanka.

The Fortress, Galle, Sri Lanka.

The Fortress Rooms feature a superior King size bed (7ft x 7ft) dressed with Egyptian cotton with an open plan bathroom with rainfall shower and bath. A state of the art entertainment system including a plasma screen TV’s, Bose DVD and sound system and a private Bar are just some of the features.The Ocean Lofts are approximately 140m and the design of these split level rooms creates a one-of-a kind experience on each of its two separate floors. The largest of them all is the Fortress Residences which are 240m and creates the ultimate living space as it is on the upper level of the Fortress and each features two bedrooms and an outdoor dining deck. Guests staying in these residences are pampered by their 24 hour personal butler to cater to their every requirement.

The Fortress, Galle, Sri Lanka.

The Fortress, Galle, Sri Lanka.

Each evening there is a different dining program varying from Sri Lankan food special to Sea Food barbecue, which is what was on the first night we got there. Chef Kumar made it even more special for us by arranging for us to sample various dishes from the ala carte menu so we can get an idea of the wide array of culinary delights are served at Pepper, the Central dining venue at the Fortress. A combination of international Cuisine and local flavours are offered to the guests and for those who prefer destination dining , private dining within the confines of the Fortress can be arranged. They also have a large selection of wines, which makes it every wine connoisseurs dream come true. You can have this large selection along with your in-room dining as well as at the Sea Lounge, which is the bar by the pool.

Spa , The Fortress, Sri Lanka.

Spa, The Fortress, Galle, Sri lanka.

Another great offering of The Fortress Resort and Spa is its Spa Natural, which offers a simple a holistic approach to well-being with eastern and western treatments combined. From signature Ayurvedic treatments which begin with a consultation with the in-house Ayurveda Doctor, who finds out the body constitution and state of body humours, based on which a personalised treatment is formulated to western massages and body scrubs there is a whole lot of treatments you can experience. You can also have customised treatments and make a full Spa vacation of your stay. I for one had a great consultation with Dr.Pushpika, where we discussed not only the type of treatment I should have but also things I should incorporate in my diet. Details to follow soon.

The Fortress, Galle, Sri Lanka. The Fortress, Galle, Sri Lanka.

Finally, before I end this post earlier over here I had  spoken about The Fortress as one of the SLH properties you can choose for your Destination Wedding. Now after visiting the property I am more convinced than ever that it is a perfect property for a wedding. To begin with Sri Lanka has a warm tropical climate throughout the year, so if you avoid the monsoon season you should get clear skies (we only got rain one day through my 6 day stay at Sri Lanka). The Fortress Resort and Spa also has a variety of wedding packages for you to choose from, Moonstone, Star Ruby, Star Sapphire and Serendib Sapphire Package. Each of these packages has some basic items like wedding planners, decoration, Wedding cake, Floral decoration and a 24 colour photo wedding album. Of course, besides the above items each package are tailored to include certain other amenities. If you cannot manage your destination wedding at The Fortress, they also have great deals for Honeymoons and Anniversary’s.

The Fortress, Galle, Sri Lanka.

World Luxury Hotel award and Asia Pacific Hotel award winner The Fortress is a perfect destination if a serene place combined with luxury is your idea of an ideal vacation.
The Fortress Resort and Spa – PO Box 126 Galle. Sri Lanka. Tel:+94 777 743 750
Rate– The Rooms begin at USD 280* per night
Transport– International Airport: Colombo 140 km (transfers arranged by the resort). Local Airport: Koggala Lake (KCT) 2 km (transfers arranged by the resort) Train station: Galle 10 km. Pick up service: By resort at time of booking. Helipad: on-site & on request (please book via the resort)
Guests are met by resort staff at Koggala Airport. Seaplane comes direct from Colombo Airport. From Colombo Airport – Take main road into Colombo and then the Galle Road direct south to Koggala.

*These rates are approximate rates and could vary.Reservationsfor any Small Luxury Hotels of the World property can be made by calling 000800 650 1456 (India), online at or via the SLH iPhone app. Travel agents need only remember the GDS code LX for LuXury.  To receivespecial benefits including a complimentary breakfast, upgrade (subject to availability)and late check-out, join The Club of Small Luxury Hotels of the World at  Membership is offered on acomplimentary basis

Beauty Ritual: NeoVeda Spa, Metropolitan, New Delhi

RITUAL: Kalari massage with Udvartina body scrub, 90 mins, Rs.4,000 approx
LOCATION: NeoVeda Spa, Metropolitan Hotel, New Delhi


Festive and wedding season is often super taxing on the body and mentally stressful. I am referring to the constant late nights, the regular use of make-up, the eating out with a lot of sweet and oily food involved; all in all as much as we love the festive season this is what nightmares are made of for our beauty regimes and our bodies. Hence the perfect time to fix up that Spa appointment is during the festive season. A Spa session is a great mood up-lifter and just the refreshment your tired and aching body needs. In my case I fixed up an appointment with NeoVeda Spa at Metropolitan hotel, New Delhi.After making its presence felt at Craft House, luxury lifestyle store at The Met, with its mind and body healing and relaxing products, NeoVeda Spa begun as a new dimension in the world of health, well-being and fitness.Serene surrounding of plush 7000 sq. ft. area embraces modern and chic designs set in warm earthy and calming aqua tones.The Spa offers a luxurious collection of time-tested ancient and traditional healing remedies and treatments whilst incorporating the latest international wellness trends to provide the guest an authentic and holistic experience. The signature therapies like NeoVeda Experience, Energy Equalizer with Volcanic Hot Stone and Vedic Journey are a combination of beauty concepts of the ancient India and modern research.


I decided to go in for the Kalari massage, which is a traditional Ayurvedic massage for stimulating vital points. Using herb infused oils, the therapist first gave me a shoulder and head massage while I was seated on a chair. Then I was asked to lie on the floor and she massaged my body with her feet. Unlike what I had imagined the therapist does not walk on my back, but instead carefully presses my nerves with just one foot, changing sides according to which side of my body she wants to put pressure on, in a way that it completely relaxed my muscles. She also emphasises on my knots and instead of a kneading movement she rhythmically moves her foot up and over my nerves moving the knots to the absolute edge till they almost vanish. I can feel all my joint pain evaporate and with each stroke of her foot and my muscles felt soothed. Finally I am moved unto the bed for the last set of the treatment, this is a massage with her hands. The aim of this is to massage the areas less accessible by the feet, like neck and sides. Here the therapist uses kneading to remove all the remaining knots. Finally, my treatment ended with Udhvartina body scrub. This is a mixture of turmeric, sandalwood and whole green gram mixed in olive oil. The therapist carefully scrubs each part of the body with this mixture, which is supposed to be great to remove suntan and leave the skin feeling smooth, soft and saturated with antioxidants. The massage is done by natural and organic NeoVeda products, also available at The Met’s Craft House. NeoVeda Spa as the tag line suggests promises a SIMPLY DIVINE experience with the nurture and individual care provided leaving you feeling cleansed, fit and absolutely refreshed.

Design solutions for your wedding

With wedding season around the corner most people are at wit’s end with how to go about planning the venue and decor. Especially since weddings are getting more and more lavish and we have less and less time to really get involved in every nitty-gritty. Events and occasions have left the jurisdiction of family elders and moved on to a new pedestal involving experts. Rigid reds have been cleverly replaced by themes and marigolds by orchids. Collective responsibilities have passed onto the hands of event planners letting family members enjoy the occasion.

With an efficient in-house team of designers who help you with all your needs from venue suggestions to arranging for floral arrangements, from taking care of your wedding entertainment, sangeet, bachelor party arrangement and of course spinsters if you please, Bougainvilla Design caters with solutions and products from around the world ranging from turkey, Thailand, Australia. A design house that aims to bridge the gap between a non-flourished market and constant demand, Bougainvilla Design is also known for its creative inputs to the industry and to its clientele for perfecting and achieving effects that seamlessly creates an impression. After all your floral arrangements can say a lot about you, no?”Says, founder and designer Jasleen Kochhar of Bougainvilla Design. Further on what defines Bougainvilla Design, she adds, “A subtle quirk, an exclusive USP and a quality product: these three key elements define every single product in Bougainvilla Design.”With an expansive array of flowers and gifts to suit any occasion Bougainvilla Design is a full service event and wedding planner that specializes in conceptual stylized floral arrangements.

Encompassing various forms of designing such as floral, accessories, products and lifestyle, and covering a vast range of venues and solutions Bougainvilla Design is your ‘one stop shop’for all your wedding woes. 1) Venue Suggestions: From selecting the right venue for your dream wedding to carefully executing the daunting task till the end “our team helps you do a careful selection of the venue, from the choices available in the market, within your budget and taste and act as liaison point with the venue and yourselves.” Says, Jasleen Kocchar, co-founder, Bougainvilla Design. 2) Stylized Decorative Concepts: Selection of the right decorative concept is the key element to a good-looking wedding. Bougainvilla Designs showcases carefully picked themes and concepts ranging from traditional, contemporary to indo-western and modern chic that help you pick the theme of your dreams. 3) Theme lighting: Lighting is crucial. It plays a key role in the overall look of the wedding venue. Bougainvilla designs guide decorators to ensure an effect that’s absolutely lovable.

Not just the above mentioned, with Bougainvilla Designs you will also find room for entertainment, invitation cards, function detailing, photographing options, choreographers, firework, trousseau packing and also various gifting solutions for the guests.