New Launch: Shingora

Established three decades ago, Shingora has been offering the most spectacular products in the fashion and lifestyle spaces globally. Shingora products embrace a delicate balance between the traditional Indian designs that are lifted to suit contemporary tastes, and colors that lend it an international touch. This luxurious label offers an array of beautiful throws and cushions to match and fit every setting seamlessly. Each piece curated in this label is one of its kind, the product is developed in-house, thus not compromising on the quality of material used. This tastefully curated collection is broadly divided into three categories, each with a different look and feel to add a perfect finishing touch to your home decor.

Shingora home, Shingora home,

For the first style the design team has made an effort to revive the golden age of William Morris. A lot of medieval style tapestry motifs like wreaths, parrots, pomegranate etc are tessellated to create overall patterns in interesting 3D surfaces.Second set of the collection is inspired from the classic, traditional Paisleys. They never go out of style and complement any contemporary as well a traditional set up impeccably. The third category in this collection is inspired from modern floral edgy prints. Each piece is a conversation starter that brings quirkiness and fun to a conventional seating area.The fabrics used in making this collection vary from cotton, wool and chenille that are 100% pure. The products range is retailed at an MRP of Rs. Rs 2995 to Rs 6995.After making a mark with their home décor line in the international market, Shingora, the retailer synonymous to style and elegance launches their Home label in India via their e-commerce portal this season.

Interior Solutions- Red, Blue &Yellow

A lot of people ask me how it is when they see furniture in a store or in a photo shoot it looks great, but the second they bring it home it just does not look as amazing. Well honestly the major difference is in the space planning which is where most people go wrong. A store normally has very high ceilings, ample floor space and great ambient lighting whereas in a photo shoot we all have a few tricks whereby we use the best angles/lighting to make the space look good. And believe me none of this is impossible to achieve in your own homes. Like I said all it requires is a bit of smart planning. To help us with a few such issues, I got in touch with Karishma Bajaj of Red,Blue and Yellow to answer a few queries and share with us a few of the spaces done by them, so you guys get a visual idea.Run by three partners Asim Merchant, Paul Rodrigues and Karishma Bajaj since the year 2000, Red,Blue and Yellow is a great furniture store at Mahalaxmi which is a one stop shot for all your interior needs.  They have great contemporary furniture and accessories which can be custom-made to your needs.

How can I make my space look dramatic? I have a small apartment.
Karishma: The idea is to go a little out of the box with colour and accessories to create drama in small spaces. Against the popular trick of using white as the predominant colour in small spaces, you could use a combination of well-coordinated bright colours for the wall paint as well as upholstery. Also, go a little bling with accessories, cushions and mirrors to add the required amount of drama.


Style City:I love the idea of sticking to the same colour family on the wall as well as upholstery that they have done here. Contrary to popular belief I don’t think it is too much or looks over-bearing. Match it with neutral floors and keep the colours of the rest of the walls neutral as well. I love the wooden screen on the wall, it breaks away from the monotony and enhances the colour.Another option here would be to have a panel of contrasting wall-paper. Keep the accessories bright and add a bit of Gold if you are going with the red colour family and silver if you are going with the blue family. This is perfect for a small space add the drama you want to create.

With summer approaching I really want to give my living room an airy and light feel. What do u suggest?
You could do achieve this by making a couple of changes like… Change your curtains and upholstery to cottons/mulls as these are cooler fabrics that breathe and absorb very little heat. Use lighter colors like whites, blues and pastel tones, both for your wall paint as well as upholstery.  Also adding an urli with water and fresh flowers or a couple of lush indoor plants can help. You could also hang a wind chime by the window which can create soothing sounds.