Focus- Funky Pattern

Be it Tribal influence, Stripes or Graphic; bright coloured pattern play a huge role this season especially in interior design. Spotted a few weeks back in a Delhi show home was Ikat and other tribal motif’s while retro patterns and prints have been spotted on cushions and cutlery quite a bit the past few years. A great way to incorporate this trend is by bringing in doses of bright patterned fabric and accessories in a neutral room. And you don’t need to stick to just one style, mixing patterns and prints is also a big hit this season..
P.S Remember the shoes I spotted at NDTV Good Times lifestyle awards, same theme

Photograph by Karolina GembaraStyled by Aparna Kaistha
Photograph by Karolina Gembara
Styled by Aparna Kaistha

1. Background Fabric, StyleCity, Rs.400 per mtr 2. Pencil Tray, Silk Road and Beyond, Rs.1,995 3.Mug on tray,, Rs.250 4.Stripe Ramekins, FCML Store, Rs.1,840 5.Plates, Home Stop, Rs.249 onwards 6.Cushion used a Napkin,, Rs.800 for set of two 8. Stripe Cake and Knife server, FCML Store, Rs.1,740 9.Earrings, Crazy Daisy, Rs.200 10.Garnet necklace, StyleCity, Rs.1,800

Aparna_1 1111.Background Fabric, StyleCity, Rs.400 per mtr 2.Plate, Home Stop, Rs.349 3.Stripe Ramekin, FCML Store, Rs.1,840 (part of Set) 4.Power Shine Lipstick, Oriflame, Rs.398 5.Hyper Strech Mascara, Oriflame, Rs.398 6.Perfect Blush, Oriflame, Rs.479

Discovering the magic of sewing

Why don’t you spend the afternoon creating your own designer outfit or a personalised gift for that special someone?

The other day I got stuck in a traffic jam on Linking Road. For Mumbai people, that is really nothing strange cause well you are either stuck in peak hour traffic or non peak hour traffic, procession traffic, car/riksha/taxi stalled traffic, rain traffic, you get my flow. So anyway while I was waiting in the endless jam and making a few calls (which is the only time I actually get to talk without interruption if you can handle the honks in the background) my eyes suddenly fell on this new store called The Hab. It had this great window display and looked very colourful (which I discovered later was by internationally acclaimed designer Manish Arora), well either way more exciting than sitting in the endless jam. So I went inside without knowing what to expect. The Hab, shorter version for Haberdashery, as the name suggests is a one stop shot for all your sewing needs. It offers multiple choices in accessories like buttons, borders, zippers, beads,embellishments, threads, do-it-yourself kits and other miscellaneous items.

So I know sewing is not something everyone has been as fond of as I, but really spending a day at The Hab could change that for you. The Hab has various activity zones like a sewing demonstration zone, inspirational and self-learning zone, professional training and workshop zone, creating a unique learning experience. The store also displays the best Usha Janome sewing and embroidery machines with a team of sewing experts to guide you through the process while you engage in creating your customized item or accessory.An ideal destination for budding designers, creative talent and fashion aficionados, it also wishes to introduce sewing to home makers and children looking to cultivate a new hobby.The vast variety in its inventory and comfortable creative space makes it a perfect place to spend a wonderful fun filled creative afternoon.

With the launch of its first store in Mumbai, Usha International plans to encourage the art of sewing by introducing the Hab in other cities in the next few years. So next time you are out with your girlfriends or want to make a speacial personalised gift for your friends why don’t you stop by here and get sewing.

Sensational Cotton

Last night I went to watch this movie called Paan Singh Tomar. Those of you, who have not seen it, it is highly recommended. Especially if I am telling you as I am not a huge movie buff. The story revolves around the true life account of a sportsman Paan Singh Tomar, who turns into a dacoit in the Chambal Valley.  Chambal valley is the valley around the Chamba river that flows north-northeast through Madhya Pradesh, running for a time through Rajasthan, then forming the boundary between Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh before turning southeast to join the Yamuna in Uttar Pradesh state.

Image Courtesy- Better Photography

Besides the brilliance of the movie in terms of the script, acting and direction, I loved the true to life details depicted in the movie. The one thing that caught my eye was the clothes worn by female lead. Don’t get me wrong they were simple clothes, but I loved how the bright colours contrasting came together, especially against the barren backdrop of the landscape. It seemed like the bright clothes were making up for the lack of colour in nature. So after a bit of research I came across an organisation that works to bring beautiful woven textiles to our doorstep called Sariia Navrattan- a Findia Foundation initiative . The journey of Sariia Navrattan began when Findia foundation and a group of emminent Finnish designers called Navrattan joined hands together to intervene in social design. The combination of Finnish designs as well as the rich Indian handloom tradition formed the basis of this initiative. The Sariia Label since has also been awarded the Handloom mark which guarantes the use of natural fabric and loom. It is also being supported be the government of India. On a general note summers area great time to wear cotton. To show your support and buy products from there, do comment back.

Rust Brown(50X50 Cotton & Silk)

Fabric Trail: Sarita Handa’s Latest collection









Its spring time and its time to change the upholstery, move away from the heavy fabrics and move in to light airy material. Using natural fabric, inspiration from her travels around the world and Indian embroidery Sarita Handa brings together her latest “luxe” collection for the Spring.

Classic cottons, silks, linens in fashionable colors and sheers in soft muted tones .The array of techniques used in this collection is vast; a mix of Jacquard’s and  embroideries;different textures of hand crafted Aari work, Ikat patterns with a twist. As well as embroidery and beautiful floral patterns  where the play of color brings alive the natural beauty of the design. Sarita Handa’s designs are a rare compilation which will be hard to find elsewhere.

Established in 1992, the company sells to major retailers around the world like Pottery Barn, Macy’s, Zara Home and Bloomingdale. They are now available in New Delhi at Khan Market.

In addition to the bedding and fabrics collection, ‘SARITA HANDA’ has also brought to India a beautiful range of Merino Wool blankets from Brun de Vian-Tiran, who have been manufacturing natural blankets for over 200 years in France.

The bathsection not only has plush Egyptian cotton towels, matching bathmats and bathrobes from Turkey, but also exquisite bath products from the French brand Lothantique’s ‘Amelie & Melanie’, which  ‘SARITA HANDA’ has introduced for the first time in India. The range includes bath oils, soaps and incense sticks formulated using natural elements and ingredients to offer the most enduring fragrances.