Review: He said She said, Mumbai

Sprawling across 13,500 square feet, He Said She Said has a huge open-air, tarp-covered section along with an air-conditioned bar, a fine dining restaurant and a terrace bar perfect for sun-downers and gigs. Also considering the fact that this was the day Germany was playing the United States to determine if the US goes through the next round of the FIFA world cup you could see a whole lot of football enthusiasts had converged at this bar making the environment electric. The main area, apart from a giant screen airing the 9:30pm WC games, has a beer pong table, a British phone booth exclusively for selfies and enough space to indulge in various drinking games leading to free drinks (6 shots in 6 seconds anyone??).

He said She said, Mumbai,

As we were coming to terms with the sheer size of this bar, Kuber, who runs the establishment, was kind enough to give us a tour of the place. With going from a place that is 1/5th its size in Delhi to opening this establishment, He Said She Said has hit the nail on its head when it comes to accommodating everyone in this city who likes a night out, with brilliant and comfortable décor that is very complimenting of its ambiance and vibe.Vishal Guptaa very young and talented interior designer and artist has done the concept and design of He Said She Said. On the Ground level there are 2 Outdoor sections with Not-That-Loud Music where people can talk and lounge. It sports a grass turf, high chairs, sofas, benches with a very relaxed atmosphere. Inside there is an section specifically labelled “Loud Music” where you can dance beside the DJ console, but there is only a clear glass division between the indoor and outdoor section thereby utilizing the openness and space. These areas have colorful digital art in form of Characters as well as a Cityscape that adds to the distinctiveness and a flowing fountain in the outdoor section that has miniature character installations on it (fishing, sitting and even urinating!). The digital art is very difficult to mount in walls without printing or tracing but HS3 got the extremely talented Bhuppi (from Delhi) to hand-paint all of them to precision. Moving up the ladder, the place metamorphoses itself to the land of Greek Gods. White Washed Hand plastered walls and Retro artifacts welcome you to the Fine Dining area with even softer music levels. Treat your taste buds to exclusive European delicacies in this section. Finally, the top Level has a covered Terrace with a small stage that can accommodate small gigs, screenings, etc.

He said She said, Mumbai,

He said She said, Mumbai,

Before we got stuck into the food we had the privilege of tasting some of the many shots the bar had on offer, it was a shame I could not try all as I would have definitely had a memory lapse. He Said She Said has on offer over 40 shots divided into ‘layered’, ‘chocolatey/creamy’, ‘fruity’, ‘spicy’, ‘balls of steel’, ‘it’s different’, ‘ice-cream’ and ‘Mumbai special’ options, all priced between Rs120 to Rs349. Something that is ideal in case one wants to get a quick buzz before heading out to party.Our captain recommended the following sequence of shots and it was the greatest combination of pick-me-up-I-am-ready-to-start-this-party-shot I have ever had. We started with a ‘Red Hot Chilli Pepper’, which came with a green chilly, that one bites into before taking the shot and keeping it in your mouth for 30 seconds before gulping it down. One chases this shot with the ‘Chai Maila’ a concoction of whiskey and caramel soothing the spiciness of the previous shot. Needless to say I was attuned to what effect those shots were meant to have and they did not disappoint. Another fun things to try at He Said She Said apart from their different shots is their FotoFunbooth where patrons enter a Old Retro Telephone booth, sign in into Facebook, get their picture clicked with various props and accessories and instantly upload it, tagging the friends who they want. It is a unique fun experience which will make your memories last forever with friend. Now for the food,we ordered a wide variety of starters and bar food to go along with our beers and game of football. The pepper and olive cheesy parcels are highly recommended by the bar and they live up to their billing. A great combination of melted mozzarella with some pepper and olives infused together before slightly fried and coated to keep them together. This was the perfect accompaniment to our beers. Apart from this the quintessential Okra Kur Kure and garlic bread helped keep the beers down and games interesting.From the fine dining menu we received a sampling of the Stuffed Chicken on a bed of mushroom risotto along with a portion of BBQ chicken wings. We washed these down with a few more shots, which included the Aampanna shot (an old favourite) and the chocolaty Coco Chanel (comes with an actual Kit-Kat bar). Each shooter is so unique and wonderfully presented that you cannot help but try a few.

He said She said,Mumbai,

He said She said, He said She said,

To sum up all I can say is He Said She Said in Andheri quite literally provides everything one could ask for at a night out. One can start with some relaxed beers in the main area, move to the louder air-conditioned bar, head up for some fine food at the restaurant and end the night enjoying a gig on the terrace. Coming from Delhi and complaining about the lack of space Mumbai has to offer, trust me such quality establishments are diamonds in a coalmine. Amongst the plethora of identical bars/pubs spread out over Colaba, Bandra, Juhu and Andheri finally there is a place that is quite appropriately ‘for everyone’.
Address: Remi Biz Court, Lane behind Fun Republic, Off Link Road, Veera Desai Road
Phone:+91 9867515082
Price: Approx Rs.2,000 for two
Rating: Butter Chicken
Rating Scale: Tinda – 0, Idli – 1, Salad – 2, Butter Chicken – 3, Kakori Kebabs – 4, Grandmother’s cooking – 5

Dream Home: Tanya Luther Agarwal’s home by Preeti Knowles

Interior designer Preeti Knowles designs a stylish home for her friend, author Tanya Luther Agarwal.
Photographs by Anshuman Sen
Written by Niti Singh Bhandari
Styled by Aparna Kaistha

(excerpts Casaviva November 2011)

Interior designer Preeti Knowles,who studied at the American College in London and has a well-known design practice in India along with her husband, interiors and furniture design expert Mike Knowles, is known for innovative concepts and avant-garde designs.A sensibility rooted in form, effervescent style and a deep knowledge of crafts and local traditions, gives to her interiors the kind of depth lacking in designers who want to give/show all in a single project. Spaces designed by Preeti have an innate flamboyance that comes only with refined sensibility and crystallized thinking. The home of children’s books writer Tanya Luther Agarwal in Delhi’s Panchsheel Park was like working for a friend you know well. “Actually, our liking for each other grew as we did the project. Tanya loved the way my home was designed and we just took off from there,” says Preeti. Tanya couldn’t have had it better as she gave the interiors project to Preeti to design on a turnkey basis.Completed in just over three months, the home’s effortless style comes across at first glance. The 2800 sq ft home has a drawing room with a dining area, three bedrooms, one guest bedroom, an open family room with attached study, a kitchen, and the piece de resistance, the Mediterranean styled terrace, complete with pergolas, white grill frames for hanging creepers, a bar, water fountains and a broken slate flooring that enhances the relaxed feel of the space.

Perky pinks, oranges and aqua offset the neutral tones in the drawing-room and the dining area. The wall at the back has a smokeless fuel fire-place, with sleeper wood bars bordering the unit. The Celadon glazed ceramic masks on the focal wall at the back and the white metal coffee table have been designed by furniture designer Mike Knowles. The glass dining table top has an etched jaali pattern. The art work behind the dining table depicting the four seasons of Japan with etching of 24 carat gold paint is by Tanya’s brother.The armless chair with a footstool is a famous design called the Kahani chair designed by Preeti.

Preeti devised a blue and green wall texture in the entrance foyer in synch with the Tangkha artwork. The rough burl wooden border on the mirror is from a local wood picked up by Preeti’s carpenter. The console is designed from local neem wood.Tanya’s bedroom furniture is from In living. The pen and ink Tree of Life artwork is by Noida based artist Priyabrata Roy Chowdhury. The soft furnishings have been designed and made by Preeti, with some accents by Good Earth and Tanya’s mother.The LCD TV is placed above a coral glossy lacquer cabinet designed by Preeti. The Chinese water-colour bamboo and cherry blossom art work was artfully placed by Preeti to enhance the artistic feel of the space.

Son Karan’s bedroom has a leatherite white bed and a Stanley Lazy Boy style chair. The artwork was picked up from the streets of Bangkok.Tanya’s study with a red wall and limed oak finish wooden shelves and chair is an extension of the family lounge area. Most of Tanya’s inspiration is penned here. The black and white artwork is by Priyabrata Roy Chowdhury. ( The families chat area has a red recliner sofa re-upholstered by Preeti. The limed oak finish table and chair have a unique vintage charm.

The terrace used for outdoors entertaining at night is inspired by the Mediterranean look. The pergolas are in white metal. The peacock tea light holder is by Italian designer Giandaniele Asquini. The crazy paving broken slate floor adds to the relaxed look of the space. Chirping of birds, green creepers and water fountains sets this space as a virtual retreat.