Style picks of the week

So as a stylist most people feel my job is to go shopping. I mean really when I lived with my parents that is what my dad thought I did for a living. He could not understand anything besides the fact that my name came in the magazine each month. Well in a way it is true and which is why I love it so much. Since I am on a break of kinds, I mean I am still doing freelance shoots for magazines but you know what I mean, I just figured I will share something with you: The thing is with a magazine alot of times not all the products I actually sourced or loved made it to the pages. I mean alot of times it was a layout call, as in even if the product is fabulous it doesn’t look good with the rest, but mostly it is cause a magazine has limited space. So I have decided to start this thing which I am going to update every week, My style picks of the week. Thats me by the way in the picture. Since it is my column I figured I could have a picture of me (What? If I was doing a column for a magazine they would put my picture in wont they?) So here goes, my top picks of the week and the reason I like them 🙂

































  1. Silver Collection, Amrapali. Cause Silver looks good at all ages and styles
  2. Votive holder, Bianca. Well, ok with this peice it is the colour and design. I can so imagine it on my terrace/garden with candles, or if you like quirky like I do then on the living room centre table*, about 3 in different styles.
  3. Puzzle Chaise lounge, Ego Paris. Cause with space being such an issue in most metros I love how well these peices fit together. And I would love to be wrapped up with my significant other, inside the puzzle (when I have one,both significant other and the chaise lounge)
  4. Flower vases, Magppie. Bright colour is my thing, nuff said
  5. Ikat collection, Cocoon fine rugs. India is home, India is inspiration and I love the print on this rug, I can picture it with a completely modern living room setting. Would make a great fusion look.
  6. Mademoiselle collection, Christopher Guy at International Furniture Brands. Cause we are the divas and deserve nothing less than a collection dedicated to us. (An entire nation me thinks, but will do with this collection for the time being)
  7. Classic collection, Westinghouse. This is for all the men I know. Simply cause a girl likes to have a nice cup of tea in the morning and thats the least you can do for her, (plus impress her on the morning after with this sleek kettle )
  8. Zodax Spring, Renovation factory. Well besides the fact that we have the last bit of spring left here, its just so pretty and feminine
  9. Multicoloured necklace, Toniq accessories. It is bright and cool, imagine it one a plain white dress this upcoming summer. With the correct footwear you are ready to attend any brunch, or sundown party.(I told you I love brunches and parties)
  10. Chair, Beyond Designs. Well it looks classy and if your taste is a little on the traditional side it would make great living room side chairs or formal dining chairs.

*My centre table is actually two painted steel trunks stacked up on each other. One is orange and one is blue. Well, it looks quirky and is great for storage.

Trend- Into the wilderness

Moving away from safety of small blooms and safe prints, the new trend this season goes bold with big jungle motifs. Concentrating on big blooms and animals. Bringing it to your home will only add the right amount of drama. Here are a few products that do just that.

1. Getsuen chair, Edra at Pallate 2.Floral Fantasy plate, Rosenthal 3.Nut cracker, Alessi 4.Art 478, Chelini 5.Cushion, AA Living 6. Cup and Saucer, Joy de Rohan Chabot 7.Vase, Casa Paradox 8.Parrot Statue, Moon River

Trend Alert- Crazy for Paisley

Swirl your way into Spring with this pretty pattern that was seen all over the ramp in the spring summer collections. Tracing back its origins to Indian and Iranian history, paisley is back in the limelight. And besides just the ramp and fabrics it is turning up in our homes in everything from Furniture to pottery. So just a dash of paisley can make a bold statement in your homes and add the right amount of vibrancy to any room.

1.Silk Scarf,Ravissant 2.Samarah Collection plate,Villeroy and Boch 3.Printed Umbrella,Liberty of London 4.Cushion,Apartment 9 5.Pouffee,The Shop  6.Tie, Etro 7.Psychadelic Plate, French Bull 8.Framed Print,The Bombay Store

Kolkata Musing

Look up at any point, Kolkata won't dissapoint you!
Big Yellow Taxi
Flurys- one of the oldest joints in Kolkata- Mouth watering food and beautiful decor.
Victoria Memorial. She lived in style.
Taj Bengal is the best one I've been to yet! Souk- highly recomended for Mediterranean, European & Lebanese cuisine

Photographs by Chandni Sareen

Cocktail Hour

For all of you, who like me love going for a drink post work, or meet for drinks over lunch (or don’t even mind an occasional wine at breakfast) Cafe Zoe the latest entry into the Mumbai hospitality scene is just our answer for that and much more. Open from 7.30 am, with authentic European cuisine, the owners encourage you to come in and spend time at the place as much as you want. Whether it is grabbing a book or using the wi-fi facility for work, noone will disturImageb you till you are ready to go.

Coming back to the point which is the delish drinks,  In keeping with the persona of doing things differently, Zoe also has something special to offer the tipplers.  Expect to be served pitchers of all your favorite cocktails at prices that will make this place your favorite! You can also purchase your very own bottle of vodka, and no, it doesn’t apply only to the most premium. And my recommendation is the fresh seasonal fruit Margarita. We tried the Kiwi and Strawberry Margarita, both get two thumbs up from us. They were yummy! We were so tempted to get more except we were there over lunch and had to get back to office (Unfortunately).

So if you are around the area or work around there, do stop by for a drink, and do try the Margarita.

Cafe Zoe: 7-11 Mathuradas Mill Compound, 126, NM Joshi Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai 400013

(Photograph Courtsey- Casaviva India)