Travel: Amazing Beaches

By Isha Marwaha

When you think of going to the beach, you think of sand and sea- shore or ocean right? Well, here are some amazing beaches that do not meet the usual expectations you had in mind, but look gorgeous anyway…

Maldives Beach Brings The Stars To The Shoremaldives beach- the stars to the shore, www.stylecity.inThis is one truly incredible sight to see! The lights on the shores of this beach are caused by a bioluminescent phytoplankton. Individually, these creatures are too small to be seen, but gathered together they look like a starry night!

Glass Beach in Californiaglass beach california, www.stylecity.inLocated near Fort Bragg in California, Glass Beach looks beautiful but is the truth of its formation is rather sad. Many years ago, residents used to dump their trash in these waters. Today, the glass is from trash materials moulded by the water and washed back onto shore.

MOERAKI BOULDERS “Dragon Eggs”, Koekohe Beach in New Zealanddragon egg beach, New Zeland, www.stylecity.inThe pieces of sedimentary rocks left behind are too hard for the water to completely break down, but as the water continuously rolls against them, it creates these egg like formations.

The Beach of the Cathedrals located in Ribadeo, Spain Beach of the Cathedral, Spain, www.stylecity.inOver the years the water continuously pounds against these rocks, creating what looks like stunning cathedral architecture, all produced by the creative hand of nature.

Hidden Beach located in Marieta, Mexico hidden beach located in mexico, www.stylecity.inThe beautiful hidden beach, officially called Playa De Amor or the Beach of Love, was created by the Mexican government during target practice in the early 1900’s.

News: Interaction with Chairman of d’Mart exclusif and Linea Argenti

d’Mart Exclusif a venture of Dolphin Mart Ltd imports and distributes a variety of homes decor and gifting objects for the home, imported from various countries like Italy, Spain, Germany, France, U.K and China. The brand has variety of collections which varies from Sterling Silver, Porcelain, Swarovski crystals, brass and marble embellished with precious stones. One of the brands d’Mart imports from is Italian brand Linea Argenti where they collaborate and design various figurines and artefacts like candlesticks, boxes, lamps which are then made in 92.5% silver. In the latest collection it is a series of God and Goddess figurines in various materials.Here we have a small interaction with Mr.K.V Rao Chairman d’Mart and Mr.Agostino Zafferani, Chairman Linea Argenti.


StyleCity: What do you feel is Linea Argenti’s USP or trademark?
K.V.Rao: I think Linea Argenti’s USP lies in doing a great job in reproducing classical masterpieces with perfect finish in sterling silver.
StyleCity: From where do you get inspiration?
Zafferani:We get our inspiration from our trips all over the world, especially various palaces and museums. Besides that ofcourse alot of our products come from client demands and what they have in mind in terms of design. Like for India we are often shown new things by Mr.Rao and his family.
StyleCity:What are your favourite pieces in your collections?
Zafferani:The clocks are definitely the favourites with the team, especially the Lion and Marbles Louis XVI. Also those inspired by the Czar empire. In this particular collection we love the Balaji. It took a long time to make but is worth every bit of the effort. It is a silver Balaji with hand enamel and swarovski crystals.
StyleCity:What gifting ideas do you suggest for personalised gifting?
K.V.Rao: Mostly Gifts depend on individual to individual and what their choice and preference is, but besides that we have a trousseau collection which is perfect for gifting either the bride and groom or as return gifts.This includes a photo frame, Table lamp, clock and other products. We also customise products for instance we have this porcelain lamp which has a card holder in place of which we can put wedding cards to send to people.