Beauty Launch: Herbalife SKIN

The Herbalife SKIN line is an all new addition to Herbalife‘s outer nutrition range of products that balances ingredients, botanicals, and extracts with proven science to achieve maximum daily results to ensure beautiful, healthier and younger-looking skin. . Herbalife SKIN consists of 10 unisex products which will be made available in selected markets across India from the middle of October 2014.

Herbalife SKIN,

Herbalife SKIN products have been formulated with an optimum blend of Vitamin B3 and antioxidant Vitamins C and E, and Aloe Vera to get softer, smoother, more radiant skin and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Created to replenish and rejuvenate the skin with fast results, Herbalife SKIN has been clinically proven to produce visible results in just 7 days*.The Herbalife SKIN range is paraben-free, sulfate-free** and dermatologist tested. The Herbalife SKIN line is comprised of 10 new products, which include a Soothing Aloe Cleanser, Polishing Citrus Cleanser, Energizing Herbal Toner, Line Minimizing Serum, Firming Eye Gel, Hydrating Eye Cream, Daily Glow Moisturizer, Replenishing Night Cream, Instant Reveal Berry Scrub and Purifying Mint Clay Mask.Made with fruit extracts, essential oils, plant enzymes, chamomile, and antioxidant vitamins, the SKIN line is unisex and is suitable for all skin types, with the exception of two cleansers: Soothing Aloe Cleanser for normal to dry skin, and Polishing Citrus Cleanser for normal to oily skin.

My personal favourites are the Purifying Mint Clay Mask, Rs. 1208 and Hydrating Eye cream, Rs. 2240 which are both effective and show almost immediate results

* 7 Day Results applicable to Line Minimizing Serum, Replenishing Night Cream, Daily Glow Moisturizer, Hydrating Eye Cream, Polishing Citrus Cleanser & Purifying Mint Clay Mask.
**Applies to Polishing Citrus Cleanser, Soothing Aloe Cleanser, and Instant Reveal Berry Scrub.

Beauty Ritual: iLa De Sva, Sahara Star

TREATMENT: iLA SVA Rose, 90mins, Rs.7,000
LOCATION: iLa De Sva Spa, Sahara Star Hotel Mumbai

Come summer and my skin looks like I have just walked out of hell. No seriously. I have a terrible memory and in winters because the weather is so dry my skin constantly reminds me to moisturize itself, but in the humidity of Mumbai summer I never remember. Hence my skin is dry, I get dark patches and of course am completely tanned, cause well, who isn’t? So when I got a chance to do a review for iLa De Sva Spa at Sahara Star Mumbai, I jumped at the opportunity. The Spa, Gym and Parlour have one common room and then each has a separate waiting room. As I waited for the manager in the Spa waiting room I noticed the decor which was earthy and soothing but was not over done with Asian elements. It had nice comfortable seating, with warm lighting and wall art. Before reaching the venue I had been convinced that I will fo in for an anti-blemish/ de-tanning treatment but when the Spa manager saw the sorry and dry state of my skin he straight away suggested I go in for the iLa SVA Rose treatment. It is a signature treatment offered by iLa De Sva Spa. Rose which is known as the queen of flowers also has a lot of therapeutic advantages. Rose essential oil is a complex oil with 300 constituents and acts as a gentle yet powerful stress reliever.

The therapy begins with a 10 min steam. This is to open up all the pores of the body cleanse out the skin. During a steam as we know we sweat profusely and this is to detoxify the body and flush out the impurities. From here the next step is an all body scrub. This is a 30 min process and they use herbal ingredients which is mixed by the therapist as per the customers requirement. My therapist Christine had told me that the scrub has great softening and rehydrating qualities which I felt instantly after I rinsed off the scrub. And for 2 days post the treatment I felt the smoothness on my skin. After the scrub and shower the next step is a 60 min oil massage. This is a gentle massage where the idea is to not only ease out the tensed muscles but also let the oil soak into the skin and hydrate the skin. Honestly this oil is some magic oil, for within 15mins of the massage I could feel my stress ease away and my skin felt very light. Though the treatment was brilliant my therapist told me it is essential with the kind of hectic lifestyle I lead that I come in for this treatment at least once a month and then within a few months my skin will gain back its lustre. Well I am definitely tempted to follow her advice and go back for the treatment again in a month. I suggest you try the same. They also offer other treatments like iLA Sva Glow scrub which is perfect for brides to be and Hyper pigmentation treatement which is great to reduce the dark spot on the skin.