Yoga, Chocolate, Art, Music and Love

Shahpur Jat open house is here again, on September 20th starting at 10.30 am. This bi-annual festival has gained momentum and popularity with loads of stores and individual participants. So if you have no plans this Sunday or even if you do, cancel them and come join me for the Shahpur Jat open house.
Shahpur Jat open house
Start your day with Yoga with Zubin Atre of TAYS at 10.30 am. Eat at the various eateries through the day like Café Red, House of Blondie, Arte Café, The Old Town Cafe to name a few. Shop at various stores like Lila, Les Parisiennes and Olivia Dar etc. At 5pm join Atre Yoga Studio again in a jam session, followed by an Open Mike session at 7.00pm and salsa dancing at 8.30pm. I will be going and hope to see you there, so leave a comment if you want to catch up!
Yoga Choco Art Music Love

Holistic Healing

Yoga has been a fitness trend for the past few years, centuries actually if you live in India, but the world too has opened up to yoga a few years back and accepted it as a way of life. The century-old practice includes yoga postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayamas) and meditation. Through these, the body, mind and breath come in harmony with each other and that very moment yoga happens. The practice of yoga has immense benefits for not just the body but also the mind so that you enjoy a perfect healthy state of being. The practice of Yoga has various benefits from weight loss, controlling diabetes, better time management, freedom from anger, effective communication to creativity at work. We have found a few yoga options you can try out for a healthier lifestyle.

The Atré Yoga Studio (TAYS)

Zubin Atre TAYS
TAYS is a playful laboratory where you can experiment with your breath and body. At TAYS, you get to understand your body and open your mind up under the guidance of Yoga professionals. Zubin Atre is the young and highly-motivated owner of TAYS. He is committed to the wellbeing of his students at both the physical and mental realms. A few sessions can help him identify the individual’s specific problems leading him to design tailor-made combinations of yoga postures for his students. Zubin has even shared the wonders of practicing yoga at the workplace, and regularly conducts seminars at business schools, corporate institutions, international organisations and non-governmental organisations. If it’s yoga classes that you’re looking for, then TAYS is definitely the place for you. TAYS offers tailor-made yoga programs designed to suit your specific body requirements and your lifestyle. TAYS offers a unique range of yoga services that are handcrafted and developed by the professionals for the clients, keeping in mind any special requirement you may have. One of them is a 1PM yoga session which gives Shahpur Jat employees the chance to sneak-in some yoga at lunchtime, and the other is Sitar & Yoga at The Atre Yoga Studio, where Zubin Atré silently conducts the session as participants follow the flow to music improvised by Galen Passen on the sitar. Viewers are invited to meditate in silence on the music and movement.


Yogacara (1)
If you are in Mumbai, don’t fret, we have a solution for you there as well. Yogācāra Healing Arts started by Radhika Vachani in 2010 at Mahalaxmi, now expands to open a first of its kind Yoga and Ayurveda Wellness Center in Bandra, off Carter Road. Yogācāra offers holistic healing solutions guided by the ancient disciplines of Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda and Panchakarma treatments. The experience begins with Dr. Ruchi, or a Wellness Consultant who takes the time to understand your wellness and health challenges, lifestyle and needs. Yogācāra then develops a wellness plan to suit your individual needs, and provides you the needed support on a mental, physical and emotional level to help clients heal, and incorporate sustainable changes towards a happier, healthier and more balanced way of living .A very important element added to the wellness services at Yogācāra is the Ayurveda and Panchakarma section, headed by Dr.Ruchi Upadhyay MD, and on their panel of specialists, Dr. Uday and Dr. Madhura Kulkarni, respected and long time practitioners of Ayurveda and Panchkarma, and Founders of “Arogyadham”. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medical Science based on the premise that the universe is made up of five elements: air, water, fire, earth and ether. These elements are represented in humans as three “doshas” or energies known as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Ayurveda stresses a balance of these three elemental energies: Vayu/Vata (air and space-“wind”), pitta (fire & water -“bile”), and Kapha (water & earth-“phlegm”). When any of the doshas accumulate in the body beyond the desirable limit, the body loses its balance and disease manifests. Hence balancing these three doshas in our bodies becomes essential. Both Yoga and Ayurveda go hand in hand for a complete wellness of a person.

So if you haven’t started yet, I suggest you find Yoga at the earliest for a healthier life.

Review: Cafe Les Parisiennes

I really like Les Parisiennes a vintage French fashion and Interior Design store located at Shahpur Jat. A fact you would know from my constant coverage of it in StyleCity. Hence, I decided my review of their gorgeous French Café will be a bit biased and requested Suhasini Mehta, an upcoming chef and Food writer to try it out and give in her opinions. Here is what she has to say about the French Café at Les Parissienes.

Les Parisiennes, www.stylecity.inLes Parisiennes,

Along one of the narrow lanes of Shahpur Jat, amidst the quaint colourful shops, there lies the elegantly furbished Les Parisiennes – the concept store which strives to give you the homely French experience. With its white brick walls, aesthetic styling and mellifluous music that fills its air it succeeds in providing just that. At Les Parisiennes you can purchase a variety of locally sourced goods such as clothes for women and children, candles and furniture all of which mirror the feel of the store. But your French experience is incomplete if you leave without trying out the delectable treats that the café has to offer. Keeping in touch with its homely feel, the café offers a different menu each day, so it never gets boring, and its laid back environment lets you relax as it coddles you in its home like warmth.

Les Parisiennes,
I was looking for a complete French experience and that’s exactly what I got from their mid-week lunch menu of Zucchini and Goat cheese quiche and Tomato and Mozzarella salad, which was accompanied by a refreshing glass of ice tea and finally encored by delicious homemade mango ice cream and Madeleines. The quiche, with its typically French taste, made for a filling meal without being heavy and the salad that accompanied it held its own. It wasn’t just greenery to fill up the plate, with a variety of lettuce and rocket leaves tossed in a light vinaigrette; it packed a subtle punch lined with sesame flavour. The quiche was delightfully delicate but packed with taste with its creamy texture and a flourish of oregano, on the downside the base of the pastry was a tad plastic and chewy, but no complaints other than that.  The Tomato and Mozzarella salad was fresh and juicy and with a kick of chopped parsley it’s just the dish for summers. The encore was sung by the mango ice cream and Madeleine, apart from just being typically French, this refreshing and delicious combo can make Indian summers feel good! The sheer authenticity of the ice cream had us smacking our lips, it was pure mango! The Madeleine beautifully accompanied the ice cream and is a must try French treat.
Visiting Les Parisiennes was a delightful experience for me and I hope it will be the same for you.
Address: 5B Shahpur Jat, Asian Village, Dada Jungi house
Tel: +91-8826518943
Price: Meal for 2, Rs.1,500

Style and the City- Shahpur Jat

So at the previous evening in Lado Sarai I had met some store owners of stores at Shahpur Jat, who then invited me to visit their stores for Day 2 of India Design and also invite me for Shahpur Jat Open day which is on March 10th, for which I will provide you more information as and when I know. Since I have not visited Shahpur Jat in really long and heard about it a lot (apparently it is like a rural sister of Hauz Khas village which I love) I wanted to go have a look and see what it has to offer. As I went during the day I did manage to visit more stores than I had on the previous day, some I had never been to before and some were brand new,so here they are Les Parisiennes, Lila, Second Floor Studio and Olivia Dar.
Check out the Style Report for more on India Design.

Les Parisiennes is a beautiful store offering vintage ensembles and Home decor accessories.
Les Parisiennes is a beautiful store offering vintage ensembles and Home decor accessories.
The lovely French cafe at Les Parisiennes, aptly names Le' cafe
The lovely French cafe at Les Parisiennes, aptly names Le’ cafe
StyleCity Pick- The truly vintage style and feel of the store
Lila celebrates vibrant colours and develops textures and patterns through play with colours, giving it an air of sophistication.
Lila celebrates vibrant colours and develops textures and patterns through play with colours, giving it an air of sophistication.
StyleCity Pick- The colours Doh! All bright and cheerful
Brainchild of Punit Jasuja after Khan Market, Second Floor Studio comes to Shahpur Jat
Brainchild of Punit Jasuja after Khan Market, Second Floor Studio comes to Shahpur Jat
I love the Styling of this store. I also love the little parrots on the console which are not clear from so far
I love the Styling of this store, Second Floor Studio.
StyleCity Pick- the cute little parrots on the console which are not clear from so far
Final destination, Oliva Dar. StyleCity Picks- Love the jewelled collars Definite style
Final destination, Olivia Dar.
StyleCity Pick- Love the jewelled collars