Tete’ a tete with Sarah Lavoine

SARAH LAVOINEFor ten years, Sarah Lavoine has developed unique interiors, filled with warmth, energy, shadow and light.Created in 2002, her agency manages the interior design for all kinds of renovation sites, both public and private places. Sarah received a strict training at the interior design agency of her mother, Sabine Marchal, before joining the interior architect firm of Francois Schmidt. There, she developed a taste for contemporary aesthetics. At present, the experienced professional is making a name for herself in the world of interior design.A born colourist, Sarah Lavoine uses her colour palette with virtuosity to structure space, making the decor beat like the rhythm of a drum. Sarah Lavoine constructs each and every detail of a luxurious and warm home situated in the heart of lively and energetic towns. We love her work and even featured her house here and we got a chance to have a small tete’a tete with here, here it is StyleCity in Conversation with Sarah Lavoine.

sarah_lavoine_showroom. www.stylecity.in

StyleCity: Define Style. What do you think make a house/room stylish?
Sarah:Style is impossible to define. What constitutes style varies for everyone – it is a personal thing. For me, I would define my style as contemporary, but warm and timeless at the same time.
StyleCity:What is the one detail that can add or retract from a room?
Sarah:Lighting is essential – it is important to decrease the points of indirect light, use subdued lighting and lots of candles. Art is also an essential element in creating the atmosphere of a room. Nothing is more depressing than a blank wall.
StyleCity:What is the best way to add glamour to a space?
Sarah:Again, the lighting is very important, and beautiful materials and natural pieces always help make a space glamorous. The biggest mistake people make is trying to get the ‘total look’. Avoid the total look at all costs.
StyleCity:What is your inspiration for your designs?
Sarah:I find inspiration everywhere  – every painting I see in a museum, every photo in a gallery, every trip I go on, hotels….
StyleCity:Any particular colour or family of colours you tend to lean towards?
Sarah:I like to play around with colours and try out new ideas. My preferences are white and black with certain touches of strong colours. My favourite colour is black though, I like its impact and depth. It is soothing, and above all you can pair it with bright, bold colours.
StyleCity:How would you do up your own personal space?
Sarah:I like to add personal touches to my own spaces, and the only way to do so is to straight away hang up paintings, photos, mirrors. I have lots of objects from all over – I am very much somebody who buys on impulse, plus I love contemporary art. And I love to mix pieces. Fabrice Hyber, Araki etc. In general, I always have a bright sitting room and a dark sitting room.
StyleCity:Favourite interior/product designers?
Sarah:Hedi Slimane is by far my favourite designer. First of all for his kindness. Emmanuelle Alt introduced me to him years ago, and I have always really admired his intelligence and creativity.
StyleCity:What era/year according to you was most inspiring for interiors/you would have liked to live in
Sarah:I love the modernist period, but unfortunately it’s a bit overdone, which is why I’m not a fan of trends. I love timeless things, a mixture, mixing styles and periods.
StyleCity:What will be your luxurious buy for 2013?
Sarah:I work very much on impulse so I am not sure as yet!
StyleCity:Any design Faux-Pas by you would like to erase from your past?

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Dream Home: House in Boulogne,Paris by Sarah Lavoine

For ten years, Sarah Lavoine has developed unique interiors, filled with
warmth, energy, shadow and light.Her rooted Parisian taste – elegant, refined, rigorous and wanderlust –is her signature style. Sarah Lavoine is in constant dialogue with her rulesand references, redefining a new lifestyle à
la Française
. She suggests to her clients original ways of articulating
rooms and volumes, of magnifying natural light and making colour stand out. Here we have a gorgeous house done up by her in Boulogne Paris.
The presence of a glass roof on the ground floor, covering the entire facade of the house, sets the tone for this ambient house. Flooded with light and with view over the green of the trees, this former winter garden serves as a pretext to the layout of the two adjoining sitting rooms.The dining room and the kitchen, sheltered behind a glass frame, have naturally found their place behind this brand new room, and also benefit from the view of the garden.Reshaped through the creation of large openings, the rooms which were previously narrow now express a beautiful continuity with the exterior space.Less altered, the first floor is reserved for the parents, freeing up the space on the second floor exclusively for children. The roof space, up until now abandoned, is now a spare room, available for any passing friends.From top to bottom, the interior affords the house a very contemporary charm. On a white background, the shades of subtle greys, from slate to pearl, tame the natural light and accentuate the effect of depth. Mixing their forms and colours, the old furniture and the current rooms strive for affinity…with success.Without false modesty, but with the elegance of warmth and simplicity, this house achieves a gracious atmosphere.

The Sitting Room

Florence Starck standard lamps, ‘Caravane’ sofa,Paoloa Navone lamps,Morrocan rug

Adopting the angle of the glass wall, an ‘L’ shaped sofa, upholstered in slate-grey linen, defines the contours of the first sitting room. Having half the sofa with its back to the garden emphasizes the volumes of the room opening out onto the corner of the dining room. A palette of serene tones gives way to the lively brilliance and greenness of the garden. At the other end of the main room is a second sitting room. The dark grey walls and the one sofa in white linen create a more intimate, cosy space. Placed above the fireplace, modernised by a covering of plaster in purified outlines, a mirror plays with the depths of the room. Here and there are certain carefully chosen details, such as the photographs by Mona Kuhn or Florence Lopez’s lamp, which catch the eye.

Caravane Chambre 19’ white linen sofa with black braiding, ‘Ecorce’ paint by Sarah Lavoine, ‘Caravane’ rough metal coffe table, Made-to-measure bookcase, ‘Maison de Famille’ Hand blown glass lamp, Photographs Mona Khun (M+B Gallery, Los Angeles)

The Dining Room
A long, lacquered metal table and brand new chairs posed on a Moroccan rug…Nothing else is required for a dining room without sacrificing the need for space and light. On the walls is a collection of pages of old herbariums in a series, creating a picture of autumnal colours.

Black metal lacquered table, Chairs from Italian company STF, Moroccan fabric rug, ‘Caravane’ wall lights

The Kitchen

Stainless steel ventilator & sink, Bistro style table with central leg & lacquered table top, Black lava stone worktop on island, Dark oak worktop and shelves, Blue porcelain wallls

Simple in its outlines, the kitchen has been thought out like a practical toolkit, but nonetheless remains elegant and sober.Behind the central island, with its black lava stone worktop are pieces of Boffi furniture in dark stained oak, with brushed stainless steel tops.Previously an old workshop, the kitchen is arranged behind a glass frame. On either side of the old main wall is an eating corner or a kitchen made to be as discreet as possible.A high, comfortable ‘L’ shaped bench, a group of shelves, cookery books and some coloured glasses, and there you have it, the kitchen affords itself the appearance of a dining room.The use of colour here has redefined the spaces and updated the whole concept. The blue porcelain pushes back the walls of this small space. Materials in matching tones create a soft, feminine ambience.


The Attic
No space is wasted in the attic. It is a multifunctional room where one can isolate oneself. The matt black walls and the striped flooring give the sensation of enveloping comfort. Tucked away in the corner is a bed, creating a spare bedroom for passing friends.  With its shades of black, red and white, the attic resembles a box in which the colours overlap one another, creating a space which is both intimate yet light.


-‘Radis noir’, ‘Piment’ & ‘Jasmin’ paint by Sarah Lavoine,Photographs & wall lights by Sarah Lavoine for La Redoute, ‘Caravane’ sofa, Floor cushions in braided linen & portable lamp by Sarah Lavoine, Wooden and rough metal table by Sarah Lavoine for La Redoute.