Angelic Charm

So I know most people find this side of me really immature and childish but I am absolutely fascinated by angels, the whole idea of them being warriors/messengers of Gods to me is just so fascinating. There is this book series called Blue Blood that I follow, well atleast did the first four, where the concept was that once Lucifer and his minnions were shunned from heaven they actually came on earth in form of vampires, all former angels left to live life on earth, feeding off human blood to survive. These are ofcourse the Fallen angels. Then ofcourse I like the idea of guarding angels, Cupid, singing angels etc. I just think they are such pure creatures that I would love to have a few Angel artefacts to keep at home and gift, what do you think?

A dash of Gold

Gold is a colour most of use feel a bit wary to try into our homes, even though most of us love it in other areas of our lives like jewellery, clothes, handbags and even make-up. For our interiors most of us find it too extravagant or opulent. I feel it can add a touch of elegance and make a space look grand if we manage to incorporate it in the right way.Fusion Access has launched its latest collection- Dacoit Gold bringing to you a spectacular range of furniture and accessories in shimmering gold, silver, champagne and gun metal leaf.The collection includes Baroque Thieves Gold, Sarpanch amongst some of the furniture pieces of the line.Also on display are the beautiful and unusual wall art prints to complement this metallic collection.







If you are still a bit scared to go in for a complete gold look or furniture you can try to incorporate it with various colours like white, black, navy blue and maroon. And instead of furniture incorporate in accessories.




















1.Fabric, Silkland 2.Tile, Keramos 3.Chair and Ottoman, Chelini 4.Chocolate Rug, Carpet Couture 5.European Winter Romance plate, Wedgewood 6.Espresso Cup, Versace at Rosenthal