A touch of rural India; Surjivan Farms

The other day thanks to some work I ended up visiting Surjivan Farms in Manesar, a boutique property that has a tie up with Haryana Tourism. Nestled within 50-acres of lush green farmlands, 34 kms off NH8, Surjivan is an ethnic resort based on a traditional Indian Village theme. I met the husband and wife duo who run this resort and have been doing so for over a decade, they seem very passionate about this property and it is only when they have a group booking that it is open to public with the cooks bought in for an traditional experience. The huts are made completely out of mud with terracotta tiles and the basic furniture in the room like bed, dressing table too have been made from mud, covered with authentic Indian fabrics and bedcovers. For an authentic rural Indian experience they have a dining area where you sit and eat on the floor while women make fresh ‘chappatis’ on ‘chulas’ to be served.

Surjivan Resort, www.stylecity.in

Surjivan Resorts, www.stylecity.in

Surjivan Resorts, www.stylecity.in

Surjivan Resorts, www.stylecity.in Surjivan Resorts, www.stylecity.in

Surjivan Resort, www.stylecity.in

They have loads of adventure activities such as Para Gilding, Rock Climbing, and Zorbing, along with out-door sports, swimming pool and an option to have a rain dance. I did not get a chance to really try out the experience hence cannot do a review, but in terms of looks and décor it truly felt like an authentic Rural experience. Also I went mid-June which is the hottest time of the year. To truly enjoy this experience you should plan a trip, day trip or over night maybe between October-March.
For Reservations and Booking
Surjivan Resort- D 3-3513, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi -110 070
Deven: +91 9810105785 Alka: +91 9810291294
Tel: 011 26894866

Enjoy an anxiety-free Luxurious holiday

Our current demanding lives and really long work days keep most of us quite stressed and anxious. Hence the ultimate goal of leaving behind all this strain and frustration can be accomplished through a luxurious holiday. The numerous hurdles and uncertainties involved in the cheap travel packages can now be avoided with luxury travel, as the chances of unforeseen situations to occur are very low. Here are some tips to assure that you experience a worry free luxurious travel.

Plan in advance: Basically, the plan that you think of should be made well in advance so that you are prepared with all the necessary things. To start with try to avoid peak seasons as much as possible. Not only are places really packed but everything is atleast 3-4 times more expensive and make sure that you grab all the details of the places that you are visiting. If you book in advance you have the opportunity to get a lot of good deals for when you do make the trip, including tables at the best restaurants as well as watching any plays or shows. This information is usually available online. There are never-ending lists of nature’s beauty and other recreational activities specific to the area you want to visit that are worth exploring to make your holiday filled with excitement.
Hotel accommodations: After the necessary planning about your travel and the places you want to visit, the next thing that you need to do is book accommodations. Select the hotel in such a manner that it doesn’t leave any area in providing luxury. This can be done easily through a simple research that can be done on internet. Here you can find various services and deals that are offered. A lot of good five-star hotels give great deals for travels. You can reserve your cabinet in advance; however, if you are planning it through a travel agency then you can take their advice. It would be better if you choose a resort option that is available at that place as it offers extra benefits such as peace of mind, customer satisfaction, leisure facilities and many more. And if you are looking into a hotel try to book a place that is not too far from the main centre of attraction of the place else you will spend too much time traveling.

Travel– After making necessary hotel and travel bookings keep in mind to make necessary arrangements for travel within the place. For instance if you will need to hire a car/bike while in the place or if public transport easily available. This helps avoid future hassles and inconvenience in terms of budget as most of us forget to include this in our budgets and end up paying extra. Mostly it works out more feasible to hire transport so you can visit various sites in the place and most resorts and hotels have these facilities available and can work out cheaper and are more comfortable.
Travel insurance policy: It is a bitter fact that most of the travellers make all necessary arrangements but fail in securing their trip. This safety assistance can be provided well through a travel insurance policy that covers unexpected medical emergencies. As it is usual that most of the tourists are vulnerable to unexpected injuries, illness and accidents especially while they are on a holiday. The policy provides necessary medical assistance, however if you don’t possess this policy and run out of funds then you can try considering payday loans that can assist you in meeting unexpected financial issues.
Packing all requirements: Always remember that it is important to pack all the requirements so that you don’t face any difficulty at the later stages. For example, if you are under certain medication then make sure that you carry all your medicines along with you. Depending upon the climatic conditions you can choose the right clothing. Nothing is worse than being stuck in a place with the wrong kind of clothes for the weather or less clothes. Check the weather conditions before you set to travel.

So follow these tips and start booking now for all your travel destinations during the upcoming holiday season. Read a few of the places mentioned by us here,here and here. Over all be safe and have a great Holiday.
Inputs from Alicia, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Find out more about her and her finance related blogs at @financeport

Trend: Country Charm

So if you recall, last week I had been cribbing about my wanting to go on a vacation and hating the heat etc etc. Well obviously someone heard my plea’s and on Saturday morning I was out for a two-day trip to a hill-station near Mumbai. Ok usually hill-stations are not my choice of destination, I would choose a beach but I needed a break and it’s getting too humid to go to beaches here. So glad to have gone there, cause I had no network or connectivity hence was disconnected from the world. Which meant I could actually sleep without being disturbed (view from my room).
Anyway my two-day trip actually inspired me to some up with the idea of having a rustic/country look in the house. I mean relaxed living has also been quite a trend past few years, while some people like to go in for the whole country look with the stone walls, terracotta tiles along with furnishing, for the rest one room or some pieces in the house work equally well. Here is my selection for the trend Country charm.

1. Monet parasol, Amazon.com 2. Limited edition Perfume, Burberry 3. Box, House of Ishatvam 4. St. Bernard mural, Sicis 5. Water Jug, House of Ishatvam 6. Picnic Basket, Debenhams 7. Chester one, Poltrona Frau 8. Cushion, The Bombay Store 9. S-chair, Cappellini

Blissful surrender: Spa Review, The Palms Spa



Usually, when I go in for spa reviews it is in the middle of a hectic week and I always end up changing the appointment to the shortest treatment available. This time however to my absolute delight, I ended up booking the appointment on a day which happened to be a sudden declared holiday. So besides wanting to kill all the people on the road from my commute to Andheri to Colaba I reached really enthusiastic for my treatment. I sit down with a cool welcome drink in the serene white reception and take out my blackberry to start checking mails. I am completely aghast to see there is no network. Well yes, that is the point the of relaxation I am told by my hostess, while I sheepishly put my phone back. She continues to give me a quick brief on the products used in the treatments.

SOTHYS- A pioneering brand in the world of beauty salons and spas, Sothys has been recommended by professionals for over 60 years.  Sothys world renowned Digi-Esthetiques forms parts of all their treatments. The method combine finger pressure, modelling and drainage to reinforce the efficiency of the treatment.

RAMBURI- Using age old knowledge of herbs, vegetables and fruits Ramburi creates spa products that use naturally active ingredients for visible results. All Ramburi products are made In Thailand.

CNANN- Containing no synthetic chemicals only the finest quality natural ingredients are utilised to create this highly luxurious range. CNANN products contain natural healing and rejuvenating properties of organic botanical and essential oils.

Finally I am taken to my therapy room to start The Palms Spa experience. We begin with a hand and foot scrub. This is the first stage of the treatment done with hydrating milk and honey. The entire process is about 30 mins long and I can feel the grime being scrubbed away from my skin. After this I am wrapped in a yogurt, honey and pomegranate body mask and while I am lying down my therapist gives me a light head massage. Needless to say after this point it is very difficult for me to keep track of anything but get lost in absolute bliss. From here starts my 60mins Balinese body massage. I can safely say I could feel the stress fade away as she worked her soothing fingers through the knots in my body. I think I took a short nap during this, for next thing I was informed is that it is time for my shower, while she prepares the room for my facial. Half in a daze I go ahead for my shower. I promise by now I felt like my body was feather light. The final step of my treatment was the raspberry and rhubarb facial. The after effects of which were for everyone to see as I received compliments wherever I went for the coming week.

All in all I cannot wait to go back and try their other treatments, specially the Jet Lag Package which is designed for frequent travellers and is meant to revive the body and mind. They also have executive Spa experiences for men which are great gifting options to the special men in your life.