Trend:Polka Dots

So even though this pattern has been around for ages (mid 19th century I think) and we love the retro vibe of Polka Dots, it hasnt been in fashion in years, besides Minnie Mouse and the teeny weeny yellow Polka dot bikini, which was a while back a well. But now it is slowly carving its way back into our lives. Its funky and quirky and if you are too scared to go bright with it, the safer black and white option works equally well. Here are my picks of the trend you can incorporate into your homes and lives. So go ahead go Dotty.

1.Neon Dot Ramekins, FCML Home 2.Cup, Matalan 3.Cutlery Set, Next 4.Upholstery Fabric, Pallate 5.Multi-coloured Rive Droit chair, Cappellini at Poltrona Frau 6.Multi-coloured Polka Dot weelies, Shoe Zone 7.Lauren Mosaic, Sicis