Barbie gets her own Cafe

For the first time in world history, or atleast 54 years of Barbie influenced world history, an official Barbie Cafe has opened up in Taipei, Taiwan. Apparently theme cafes are huge in Taiwan and in this case the over the top cafe is every little girls dream. Not only is it fully decorated in pink and has Barbie pictures all around, it also goes out of its way to have Barbie logos on the food.



As much as I like pink, I think eating in a room so pink,with pink table setting, with desserts that look so pink I will possibly get sick. In fact I am sure as per colour therapy Pink definitely does not encourage appetite for food atleast not in adults,as pink is associated with sensual pleasures. So I am assuming the target audience for this cafe is below the age of 10-12, and *shudder* the unfortunate adult that has to accompany that child. Unless I am completely out of the loop and people above the age of 10-12 also fancy Barbie (If such people exist please let me live in denial)

Barbie Cafe


Is it just me or is it just wrong to have Barbie doll, cakes looking like Barbie and a bar in the same space. I mean come on, not only is Barbie a childhood memory but she was also such a goody two shoes. I would feel judged if I had a drink at a bar surrounded by so many Barbie dolls (pun un-intended) staring at me. Can you imagine sitting in a pink room,surrounded by Barbie dolls, food items reminding you of Barbie and having a few drinks there? Ok, more than a few.What??All of us who out grew Barbie and decided she is just a goody two shoes with a gay boy friend, don’t stop at a few drinks. Plus I would need to constantly mind my language.

Barbie Cafe

Barbie Cafe

So once you get over the overly pink interiors do let me know what you think of this concept. And I don’t know about you, but I am sure without a daughter of my own it would be close to impossible for me to get anyone I know to actually visit this cafe with me if I went to Taipei or the cafe came to India. I am certain my guy friends would not enter even if I bribed them with free food and alcohol and they would do pretty much anything for free food and alcohol,unless ofcourse I tell them it has live “Barbie’s”,but then they won’t take me.

A song for your mood (and maybe your room)

The other day my friend got invited for this theme party, where the theme was ‘Your favourite song’. And no it was not as simple as you could go as the artist from the song but the song itself and what inspired your costume. The person with the best interpretation, which you could enact or describe (without giving the title away) won a grand prize. I loved the theme so much (So wish I had thought of it for my party) but anyway I decided to try to search up songs that I know which can inspire your look for your room. Ofcourse this is my interpretation and there could be a zillion ways to do them, but anyway here goes.

Pink- Aerosmith

Back to Black- Amy Winehouse

Yellow Submarine- The Beatles

Purple Haze- Jimi Hendrix

Rich Girl- Gwen Stefani