Birthday Today: Year that was

Well not mine, mine went a few months ago, but it is one year since StyleCity went online. I know that I usually refrain from writing personal posts and only speak about home décor and lifestyle, but I think one year of StyleCity does come in big news category, even if it is only big news for me. I just feel this past year has been a year of too many firsts and too many lessons for me to avoid reminiscence. Hence this post is dedicated to all the lessons this year has brought; some good, some awful and some embarrassing! So here it is, the year that was.


Lesson 1
If you are in a creative field and want to change your mind about your specialization and move in another direction- DON’T
My journey from employment to unemployment and freelancing has been a true eye-opener, so much so that I thank the universe everyday that I don’t need to support a family else we would all starve. I decided to quit magazines as I felt stagnated and thought I would try my hand at something in the field, i.e. wedding décor or event décor or even marketing lifestyle brands well apparently, I am not qualified. According to me doing photo-shoots for magazines and print ads makes me quite a qualified conceptualizer while in depth knowledge of the décor market and my magazine experience along with handling a team would help with brand placement but nope wrong! My 8 years of work experience does not even qualify me for a mid-level position if left in hands of most company HR’s, either I start from scratch or go back to magazines or start my own business/magazine, anything but actually get a chance to work in the field, unless I know someone who would give me a break!

Lesson 2
Most people are really bad at their jobs & some are plain a**holes
We all know that when you are successful people flock around you and you are alone in your failure and all that jazz but I am referring to something even more basic; courtesy. I mean I could possibly list a whole bunch of people whose career I helped kick start or tried to help and its amazing how many of them have disappeared. Forget about helping out or anything, it is just bad manners that you disappear when you feel I am not of any use. A word; I might feel the same way about you in the future. As for jobs, a serious word for all PR professionals, you really need to have a word with this new lot of people you are hiring and train them before you send them in the field, not only are most of them not doing a good job I feel a lot of them are actually effecting the client reputations negatively.

Lesson 3
There will always be someone better than you, in life, in looks, at work, don’t dwell on it just do your best and move on. And it is OK to make mistakes
With magazines, it was easy to get comfortable as I was one of the very few Décor stylists and my portfolio was quite strong but that’s not the same at all with blogging. Mostly because there are millions of blogs and unlike magazines they are not divided country wise, so all blogs are equally available for everyone to access, which is great- more market to reach out to, but unfortunately it also means that much more competition. It gets especially annoying when some of the popular blogs come across as mediocre or it seems the blogger does not make as much effort or write as often but still gets the numbers, here are a few things I learnt there- Celebrity Gossip and fashion blogs will always get more traffic; wider audience, while travel, beauty and interior design are more interest based and take time to build a following. So I learnt to stop letting numbers bother me,I just do my best, hope fr the best and move on. And I have begun to accept that it is Ok to make mistakes as I go ahead.

Lesson 4
Keep calm and Keep the faith
2012 was a very tricky and disappointing year for me. My company decided to shift base to another city which left me jobless. I did not want to join another magazine as I felt stagnated and no matter where I tried in any other field I did not get a chance. Then I started the blog which was never meant to be the main source of money but rather a way to reach out to more people, which means all my savings were draining fast and whatever freelance work I got and still get is just about enough to sustain, hence I had to move back into my parents house. Then my ex and only guy I loved got married and even though I knew it would happen some day I just did not expect it to happen when my life was such a mess. All in all it seemed my perfect world just about came crashing down right in front of my eyes and nothing I could do to stop it. So after crying and moping for months at no end I did something amazing- I travelled. Any opportunity I got to visit a new place I took and I am so glad I did, because even though that did not help my depleting income, it made me richer in unimaginable ways and that I don’t regret one moment. And then it happened, come 2013 things actually did start falling into place, the blog started getting popularity, I started feeling calmer, happier and more at peace with myself. So even though I am not even close to earning the amount I used to or getting as much work, I feel richer, more knowledgeable and happier than I have felt in my life.

So here is to hoping for a great second year run for StyleCity and a big Thanks to all the supporters. You make keep me from trying and not giving up on my dreams.

Bring Home Stories

Bring Home Stories is a collective of creative people who believe in developing the potential of a place and its people through “storytelling”. Their first venture,, was launched in Delhi on 10th Feb 2011. It is the world’s first online, high-definition, video magazine that focuses on global cities. The videos are aimed at the international traveler who wants to bring home stories of travel/culture/art and adventure. Apart from producing their own story ideas, they want to involve the local people, youth and the underprivileged children/adults in storytelling. The aim is to make Bring Home Stories to be more than a “few people’s perception of a city”. Bring Home Stories is promoted by TV News International, a media company that has around 10 years of experience in providing video, news, features and documentaries to international broadcasters in the US, UK and the Middle East. Some of the Films made by TV News International have received critical acclaim.

Digital Art Print, bring home stories

Phool Mandi inspired Cushion_Bring Home Stories Artworks (1)_Bring Home Stories

Cushion shot+Artworks_Bring Home Stories

A venture of Bring Home Stories, ‘City Inspired Design’ looks at themes that shape a city and use different storytelling mediums to weave them into not only experiences but collectibles that one can bring home! Its first theme is Delhi and its flower markets. Delhi’s “phool mandi” was established in 1869 and since then the flowers have travelled from across India to become part of people’s prayers, celebrations, weddings and even funeral. The series has been developed by International photographers, graphic designers and storytellers.

Diamonds from Space for a glowing face

All of us love to look good and present ourselves in the best light.Younger looking skin is a sure way to assure that and 111 Skin, the ground breaking label has created an extraordinary product “Celestial Black Diamond Night Cream” that promises to keep your skin healthy and visibly younger. The regular ingredients in the cream are Hyaluronic acid, N-cystine and Centella Asiatica that work effectively on the three layers of skin to replenish and rebuild the cells matrix. But the new element to the concept of skin care are rare black diamond particles that are believed to have formed in space. The black diamond particles are basically microspheres and that’s why they are able to penetrate the deeper dermal layer of the skin helping the skin retain its youth. Well ladies, what are we waiting for, now it seems like a solitaire is good on your finger and black diamond is good for your face.
Price– 50ml bottle at $900.


News: Brad Pitt designs furniture

So as everyone must have by now seen and formed their own personal opinion, unless ofcourse you are living under a pile of rocks with no internet, TV or print media to aid you; Brad Pitt is the new face of the Chanel. The ad shows clips of an array of women going through various activities and dressed such, from casual weekends to office to glamour and Brad Pitt standing against a grey backdrop saying a few lines looking doe-eyed and fake in my opinion.

Well I don’t know about you but the ad did not really work for me, firstly because for the longest time when I heard about it I thought Chanel has gone Homme even until the first clip where its only Brad Pitt. After I put both clips together I figured it’s still femme but somehow minus the allure and exclusivity of Chanel. I mean with the earlier ads the women were fabulous like Marilyn Monroe, Nicole Kidman, Audrey Tatou, Catherine Deneuve, you wanted to taste their scent. Now it seems just random and Brad Pitt really doesn’t help. As for Mr.Pitt First Chanel now Luxury furniture, he is definitely keeping himself occupied in other avenues. Pitt, collaborated on the collection with U.S. furniture designer Frank Pollaro. Pitt has previously worked with well-known architects for his Make It Right foundation to create affordable quality housing for the victims of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. He also designed a diamond ring for his partner, Angelina Jolie, when the couple got engaged earlier this year. From the couple of pieces featured in Architectural Digest I can say I am half impressed,as in a few pieces I loved and few I loathed. His inspiration comes from Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s Glasgow Rose,he designed his collection with the fluidity of a single line, be it geometric or circular.I cannot wait for the official Pitt Pollaro site will launch on November 11th at:

You guys have a look as well and let me know what you think. Works for you or not?
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News: Lure Switch

Years ago F-Bar opened in New Delhi for the first time. I distinctly remember when, where and what it looked like cause it was the place to be back in the day. It had glamorous interiors an equally amazing outdoor surrounded by a gorgeous garden and had the best crowd in town. This was back when I was in college. After which ofcourse the property changed hands and name a lot of times, came up as various hip night clubs over the years and I slowly lost track of the place.

Then recently it is up and about again re-christened as Lure Switch. I was visiting the property after nearly 5 years and even though structurally the space remains similar unlike its earlier avatars, this time this iconic property, set aside by the great outdoors offers a laid back café without the current conventions of high-strung café turned clubs. The first floor comprises of their vegetarian restaurant Vega,( look out for a review here soon)while the ground floor and outdoor makes up of Lure Switch.
Tucked away in Lado Sarai next to the luscious greens of the Qutab Golf Course, Lure Switch brings an excellent experience for all the foodies out there, with an authentic ambiance and scintillating F&B selection. You can choose between a charming courtyard with outdoor shacks for comfortable seating and a cosy dining area indoors. The space is more than ample to meet all party and festivity needs, in fact I would really recommend you check it out if you want to host a Diwali or Birthday party. Rich wooden flooring and softly lit surroundings make the environment conducive to unwinding and kicking back, and the interiors have been tastefully designed to optimize the down tempo aura of the café.

Get ready for some exciting times this winter, with a variety of outdoor entertainment planned – be it Sufi nights or nights celebrating the spirit and culture of India – this is just a glimpse of more to come. Lure Switch is a place where you can take your family or friends without thinking twice about blending in, and where you can never go wrong with your choice of food or drink.

Address: Tavern on Greens, Lado Sarai, Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi-110017
Phone No: 9810125070 / 9818365864/ 9871770250
Meal for two: Rs. 2500 (approx.) incld. appetizer and dessert (excld. Taxes and alcohol)