Rising From Ashes

By Kashvi Mahajan

Tycoon Sir Richard Branson’s luxury island retreat in the Caribbean has finally been rebuilt, more than two years after it was destroyed by an inferno. A team of construction workers has been rebuilding the main property – named the Great House – ever since, and the home in the British Virgin Islands finally reopened this month.

Necker Island

Inspired by the beautiful features and Balinese style of the original structure, the new Great House offers breath-taking panoramic views of the Caribbean, the Atlantic and neighbouring islands. The ten-bedroom main house has a master bedroom with a sitting area, Jacuzzi, and a Victorian bathtub on the private terrace. A great place to soak and watch the sunset. Nine bedrooms with either king or twin beds have private bathrooms and balconies. International furnishings complete the quality lifestyle here, with woods and fabrics almost as terrific as the views from every room. Increasing the guest capacity to 30 people, authentic Balinese Houses “Bali Hi”, “Bali Cliff”, and “Bali Lo” offer villa accommodations with private pools, open-air lounges, and private dining areas.

Bali_Lo, necker Island

Great-House-Master-Bedroom-216Arrange for a helicopter transfer to take you to Necker Island and enjoy absolute privacy in a vacation on your own island. The staff, a total of forty-two people, will ensure that your meals are ready and prepared to your tastes, and in the meantime, you can enjoy any of the islands several beaches. Because you have full access to Necker Island, you can sit down to both a sunrise and sunset view. Spend a day playing tennis, or listen to each other play a piano. A fireplace and book library offers richness, and for times of special moments, there is a gazebo. When it comes time to gather everyone together, the formal dining seats 30.


aNecker_Beach_House_viewPrivate white sandy beaches wouldn’t be complete without laser sailing, snorkeling, and water-skiing. Two lighted tennis courts, a gym, video, book, and music library; the snooker table and board games are just some of the things to do here when you’re not soaking up the sun, relaxing, or enjoying meals and beverages. Necker Island provides you with the space and time to do just as you like; when you like, escape to an unforgettable island happily out of step with the world.


Sir Richard Branson commented: “Necker Island has been my home for more than 30 years and for me it is the most beautiful place in the world. The brand new Great House is the heart of the island and I’m thrilled with the results. This signals a new dawn for Necker, which I’m very excited about.”
Rate: $60,000 per night for 30 adults

House of Tales presents a shopping bonanza

If you are thinking of interesting Diwali gifts to buy this weekend, you need to stop by at the House of Tales, Mumbai’s first cross-disciplinary event gallery which is hosting a two day pop up store with The Home Label styled by Susanne Roshan. Scheduled on 5th October & 6th October, 2013, this shopping extravaganza will have a home décor collection hand-picked for the festive season.

His and Hers Bottle, House of Tale and The home label pop-up shop Turquoise Laundry Basket, The house of Tales and The home label pop up shop

Located at the heart of Mumbai, Kala Ghoda, House of Tales is a contemporary space and is the ultimate hub for the finest events in the city. The minimalistic look of the gallery provides a platform to host versatile events from shopping to art, restaurants to workshops. One can integrate the ambience and décor suitable to the event with the intimate space of the gallery. The collection handpicked by the Creative Director of The Home Label, Susanne Roshan, will be displayed to spruce up your place for Diwali. The collection includes impeccable designs of lamps, display art, candle stands, flower vases, lanterns and much more. Check out the Distressed Bird Cage Lanterns which can be hung or set on the coffee table and the glass hanging jars to store your knick-knacks. You can also get metal laundry baskets in bright colors like turquoise which are not only decorative but also functional. So if you are in Mumbai this weekend, you know where to go for a shopping bonanza.
Date: 5th – 6th October, 2013
Time: 11 am – 7:30 pm
Venue: House of Tales, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai
Contact: 022-22041475/www.houseoftales.org

Store Watch: InV Home

Started by Mr. Nitin Jain & Ms. Ritika Jain, InV Home redefines luxury living by combining time honored artisan techniques with precise state-of-the-art detailing to present luxury living solutions. InV Home opened its first store in New Delhi in Greater Kailash 1 market and now have a second store on MG Road, over an expansive area of 18000 sq ft. The store houses a timeless collection of home textiles, furniture, lighting, dining and accessories.

INV Home

The whole idea on which InV Home was built was to bring unique and rare pieces made worldwide to the modern urban retail Indian market. High quality material, styled with understated elegance, lends a unique richness to their relaxed home furnishings. In addition to home textiles, the store has collaborated with some of the most premium brands from all over the globe like Zwiesel, Archipelago, Platex, etc to name a few for furniture and lighting. With alluring designs tailored for today’s modern lifestyle, be it entertainment, dinning, conversing, working, playing, rejuvenating, relaxing, or sleeping – you’re invited to come and express yourself.

New Launch: Pangaea, New Delhi

Tonight Delhi gets to view and party at the much awaited night club Pangaea opened by The Ault Group in partnership with Spice Global, located at Ashok Hotel which I had a chance to preview a few nights ago. Riding high on the success of Pangaea Singapore, the world’s most profitable club per square foot, Michael Ault has designed and conceptualized his vision for New Delhi on a blank canvas, straying from his traditional theme of an exotic African Safari Tent in the 90 clubs across the globe, he has instead set out to capture the lavish and rich Indian culture in this stylish and ostentatious night club.

Pangaea, New Delhi, www.stylecity.in

Pangaea, New Delhi, www.stylecity.in

An international team of experts from the United States to Australia to Singapore have worked tirelessly in tandem with the local execution teams to ensure the flawless launch of Pangaea New Delhi. Accommodating up to 20 VIP tables, and up to 400 guests, Pangaea New Delhi showcases uniquely designed furniture and custom-made dance-tiers within each banquette, literally fabricated to be danced on. Which means you can dance anywhere, around the tables and on the furniture, I can see a glee of delight from my Delhi friends, who love to dance anywhere, especially on furniture. The lounge is an epitome of a grand salon, with sexy opulence and world-class art collection, which will give our guests a window into the decadence of the Renaissance; from the Art-work to the sculptures and Red light.

Pangaea, New Delhi, www.stylecity.in

Well, if you are going to Pangaea tonight, do write in with your experience, which promises to surpass the current standards of clubbing in New Delhi and redefine high-end partying. From the vibe I have been getting it is focussed on having an exclusive guest list so not everyone can enter, with tables being stated to go as high up as Rs.4,00,000, which includes a personal steward and personalised guards so no one but your friends can be on the table. Other tables are available at much Rs 2.5 lakh and Rs 75,000. While the regular people can come in for Rs.1,500 to stand around the tables or at the Bars. (Yes, two bars, Thank god for that!)

Lakme Reinvent, a mouse click away!

If you are anything like me, you would have a standard look with make-up, which has not changed in years. As much as I can put together anything on paper or even a set, my own face is a mystery to me; the second I experiment I look like a ghost in photos, or worse a racoon. Hence the only thing that really changes in my look usually is the colour of the eye shadow and thickness of my eye-liner. So, you can imagine just how excited someone like me is with the new Lakme makeover application, where by you can experiment with different looks online before you make a colossal mistake on your face. Available under the ‘Lakmé Reinvent Studio section on the Lakmé website, this first of its kind application is designed to precision giving the users a chance to create a look for themselves using options across all categories including Face, Eyes, Lips, etc. The application also suggests products and shades that will suit a one’s face along with tips for application tips and tricks along with an option of emailing one’s self the list of products used to create the look.

Lakme Re-invent, www.stylecity.in

Well I went on the app where you have the option of selecting a model whose face shape is like your or putting up your own picture, mind you a passport style picture;Straight with hair tied back. As tempted as I was to use a model, I was curious to see me in those looks and also show them to you, even though I should have been drunk before putting up such pictures of me on the web, but oh well! (Mean comments will not be tolerated). The app is fairly simple after you upload your picture, you can choose from the collection of products for your face, moving on to your eyes, lips and even your nails. You can check with the before and after pictures and they even mention how you can apply each product.There is also an option of picking from Lakme featured looks, which of course look way better on Kareena Kapoor, who has been styled to showcase those but some did not look as bad on me either(Again, no mean comments!)

Lakme Re-invent, www.stylecity.inLakme Re-invent, www.stylecity.in

Lakme Re-invent, www.stylecity.in

So let me know what you think, and try the app and send me some of your tried on looks, we can maybe do a collage and send it to Lakme. and then ask them to gift us some products or a styling session!

“Private Moon” travels the world

Russian artist Leonid Tishkov has taken the very notion of romance and actually bought down the moon to earth.Paris, Austria, Kazakhstan and Taiwan are just some of the places he has travelled with his man-made lunar companion. As an artist and story-teller Tishkov’s inspiration comes from various fairy-tales and he dreams of travelling to the moon with his “Private Moon”. Do read excerpts from his interview at Huffington Post.

Leonid Tishkov Private Moon, www.stylecity.in

Leonid Tishkov Private Moon, www.stylecity.in

Leonid Tishkov Private Moon, www.stylecity.in

The entire experience has been captured in intimate photographs taken off the artist with the moon. I for one love the idea of a man travelling the world with a moon and have a photograph trail of his endeavours. Reminds me a bit of the Little Prince. I think if I could travel the world it would be with a giant shoe, maybe convince Louboutin or Jimmy Choo to create one, so I could leave my footsteps wherever I visit. What about you? What would you like to travel the world with? Do leave your ideas in the comments below

Stylish Gift Wrapping

The Stylist and Gift Wrapper in me cannot be happier than by a new stop shop for gifting wrapping. Named Paper Handy and located in Hauz Khas village. The shop is perfect for whether you are selecting gift wrapping for your wedding trousseau, selecting unique invitation cards or gifting wine bottle to your friends on their special day; PaperHandy helps you do it in style and elegance. Made with all natural material and printing colours, Paperhandy has a wide variety of gift bags, photo albums, Wine bottle bags, cards & envelopes, gift boxes and handmade paper. And the best part, the products have an earthy and natural appeal keeping in mind the Indian touch.

4- wine bottle bag, Paper Handy, www.stylecity.in


chic gift bags, Paper Handy, www.stylecity.in trendy gift bag, Paper Handy, www.stylecity.in

shagun scroll, Paper Handy, www.stylecity.in

So next time you are stuck about how to wrap an important gift, you know where to go. And if it is me you are gifting I will love you if you do it in a Stylish wrap.
Address-24/1 Hauz Khas Village , New Delhi

News: Chocolate Fever

I probably come in the 5% of the people in the world who don’t love chocolate, but even I have to admit chocolate can be an addiction and a definite mood enhancer. Keeping this in mind it is no surprise stores and cafes serving specifically towards Chocolate culture are the current rage. Namely The Chocolate Beetle and The Cocoa Trees.

The Chocolate Beetle, www.stylecity.in

The Chocolate Beetle is known  for its Signature Belgian Chocolate truffle cake, Beetle’s Brownie sandwich, flavoured hot chocolates in hazelnut, mint, cinnamon & irish cream,  Signature Belgian Chocolate truffle Shake, Low fat gelato’s & ice creams, Gulkand filled chocolates, Message chocolate bars , selection of imported chocolates. Offering low sugar & low calories offering for calorie conscious & diabetic in form of no added sugar chocolate bars, diet chocolate gelato, other low fat gelatos. It also offers customized gifting options for weddings as well as corporate gifts. Founder and Director The Chocolate Beetle Gurjeev Gulati says “The Chocolate Beetle Community” is consistently serving and delivering the highest quality chocolate products and providing outstanding personalized service in a vibrant, unique retailing concept.” Well I have not tried it personally, but it seems interesting from the looks of it.

The Cocoa Trees Store_1

While The Cocoa Trees retail boutique is a fun, interesting and exciting confectionary concept store utilizing a ‘shop-in-shop’ concept designed for all ages. The store has bright, tidy and warm interiors amidst vibrantly coloured shelves stacked with an effervescent range of brands and a wide assortment of treats. The Cocoa Trees incorporates retail store elements that encourage dynamic customer interaction, along with an ambience that is always aesthetically pleasing and welcoming, hence chocolate buying becomes a truly experiential affair.
So if Chocolate is your thing, do visit these stores.

Moods of Women

Women are the most important person in every individual life. The self taught artist Suraj Dutta is set to present his latest exhibition of artworks on woman as a part of “Moods of women”. In today’s world where there are molestation issues against women, artist would like to portray beautifully how a woman reacts to different situation. Suraj’s bold experimentation with coloring led directly to the Synthetics style of modern art with gold leafing, while his expression of the inherent meaning of the subjects in his paintings.

4 Women Romance - 1,25,000

5 Women Love Colours - 75,000

Artist and Interior Designer Suraj Dutta, the Gold Leafing Studio says, “My Major hurdles was to use colors on Metal Leafing (gold / Silver / Copper). It was really difficult to maintain the acrylic and pastel colors on leafing canvas and at the same time to capture moments of women moods, with highlighting the gold leafing or silver leafing on the canvas because of its delicacy. I am glad my experiments paid off.”

Date of exhibition: 2nd May 2013 to 9th May 2013
Timings 11:00am to 7pm
Where: IQ Homes, 190/ 1520, Motilal Nagar 1, Sejal Park, BEST road, opp Neeta building, Goregoan west

News:Luxury London Market

And to welcome Summer of 2013, we have an exhibition of various products like Apparels, Jewellery, Home Décor, Accessories etc coming up in Delhi this Friday. So get ready to shop at the London Market from designers from Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur and Dubai to be held at Oberoi Maidens, Civil Lines, New Delhi on 5th April from 10am-8pm. The exhibition is open for all to attend, so do have a look if you find the time and let me know if you find something interesting.
P.S- If you go, do check out my friends stall, Luxury Home by Shivangi Suri. Gift to be sponsored by her on the site soon.

Luxury London Market