India Design 2013 Exhibit

Like I mentioned earlier, the final 3 days of Asian paints India Design were an exhibition held at NSIC grounds, New Delhi. The event focused on Home Decoration and Design and was open to trade, pre-registered guests and even visitors. On display during the ID exhibition were Interior Decoration brands, Trend Galleries, Installations etc. Well the exhibition display itself had a lot of styles, some were just too gaudy while some get to be picked as the Style Picks by StyleCity.Check out the Style Report for more on India Design.

Celestial Style- Devalaya by Klove

Celestial Style-Devalaya by Klove
Celestial Style-Devalaya by Klove

Truly a spiritual manifestation shown through glass, in their most ambitious project Klove had created a 4mtr x 3mtr installation showing the aerial view of a temple, all of the different glass pieces also become pendant lights. Awestruck!

Charming Style- Sarita Handa

Charming Style- Sarita Handa
Charming Style- Sarita Handa

Love her fabrics, love the easy living sense of space she creates which was also eminent in the stall with sowing machines,wooden furniture and general Country charm on display

Quirky Style-

Quirky Style-
Quirky Style-

I loved the products! It was not the display as much as the products that attracted me. With Globe Chandeliers, Vintage clocks and candlestands, I definitely want to shop here next.

Trendy Style- The Charcoal Project by Suzanne Roshan

Trendy Style- Charcoal Project by Suzanne Roshan
Trendy Style- Charcoal Project by Suzanne Roshan

The Charcoal project is not for the weak-hearted or in this case safe players. It is about attitude and setting trends. In that sense the stall reflected the store’s personality completely.

Innovative Style- I LOVE I by Mozez Singh

Innovative Style- I LOVE I by Mozez Singh
Innovative Style- I LOVE I by Mozez Singh

An installation by Mozez Singh, which as opposed to the contemporary lifestyle of use and throwaway culture, is about finding beauty and meaning by repurposing everyday objects and products that have traversed its functional life-cycle.

Tete’ a tete with Mozez Singh

Mozez Singh (800x530)Mozez Singh the acclaimed (and good-looking) film maker, producer, writer has now donned a new hat, that of a designer. He has produced highly acclaimed films like Peddlers and White Noise and line produced A Mighty Heart starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. He has also directed a feature film on the Sunburn Music Festival. Mozez has carved a unique niche for himself in the field of product design with his collection, MUGHAL POP, which was launched at the Good Earth store in Mumbai last year. Mozez believes that films and interiors share a common bond, which is of exhibiting and selling emotions in an honest fashion. A piece of Furniture can make or break a room, as furniture can be extremely emotive. In the same way, films possess a strong sense of aesthetics, which enables the medium to depict several emotions. We caught up with him at Goodearth where he had come to launch his collection during India Design. He also won EDIDA for his Chair ‘Akbar is a Star’ and did up an installation at the exhibition venue. Check out the Style Report for more on India Design.
P.S- I love his quirky titles for the furniture pieces, totally apt with the name MUGHAL POP

Akhbar is a Star, by Mozez SinghNoorjehan Reclines by Mozez SinghAll this passion, Mozez Singh Mughal Pop

StyleCity: Define Style. What makes a space stylish?
Mozez : Individuality! Nothing speaks you like you do, so any space that does not reflect your personality is not stylish.
StyleCity: What is the one detail that adds or retracts from a space?
Mozez: Colour, definitely the one elements that can add character to a space. I am anyway partial towards colour and ofcourse not balancing colour can make a space look garish, so colour has to be the one detail
StyleCity: Any particular colour or colours you lean towards?
Mozez: Red, God and Black, as I find Red and Gold auspicious and Black dramatic
StyleCity: Any particular style you lean towards? Or inspires you?
Mozez: There is no once style I like mix and match of styles and like bringing them together with a sense of symmetry. Like even though my entire collection is inspired by the Mughal era, it has a sense of Modern touch. I really love the orient and designs from the orient inspire me.
StyleCity: What element do you feel adds glamour to a space?
Mozez: Antiques, I really love collecting antiques and I feel they add glamour to just about any space if set right.
StyleCity: Any favourite product/interior designers?
Mozez: Goodearth, I love their products
StyleCity: Any luxurious buy you have planned for 2013?
Mozez: Possibly a new house in Mumbai

Style Picks of the week

This week I was sitting with a friend and having a drink on my balcony (Well more like a small outdoor area which is as far as you get in Mumbai) and just checking out the view. So here is a description, you can see high rises in a distance, a few trees, fancy cars on one side. And if you peek down on the other side you see slums, lots of people, cows, and cycles. Yet I cannot imagine the city to be either one or another. I mean if I was in a place which was super luxurious and perfect I would be absolutely bored out of my skull. I love the chaos yet calmness I feel living here. Keeping this mood intact, this weeks product selection has been just that. Simple yet beautifully designed products. I have focussed on classy designs, simple materials. So go ahead have a look, and stay Stylish 🙂

1. Chair, Christopher Guy at International Furniture Brands
2. Ganesha Series, Laila Khan Furniturewala
3. Dinner Ware, Haviland
4. Damroo Sofa, Portside Cafe
5. Amaryllis Blanc, Daum
6. Watch, Dior
7. Panier Side table cum magazine rack, Kartell at Pallate
8. Cushion, Maspar
9. Shards of Sheesh Mahal, Mozez Singh
10. Voluspa Candle, Bloom
11.Egypt collection, Zoya
12. Zodiax Spring, Renovation Factory

Mughal Pop- Mozez Singh’s new Collection

Inspired by Mughal Art, Architecture, design and Motifs, Mozez Singh has launched his new collection “Mughal Pop”. He explores the tradition of India and gives it a modern twist. The furniture pieces are made in acrylic and jewelled with semi-precious stones. This makes the whole collection look like Pop art instead of just furniture. Each piece if named after a character from Indian history, and to maintain exclusivity and sell art instead of mass made furniture, there are only 9 pieces which have been made, each personally signed by Mozez.