Beauty Ritual: NeoVeda Spa, Metropolitan, New Delhi

RITUAL: Kalari massage with Udvartina body scrub, 90 mins, Rs.4,000 approx
LOCATION: NeoVeda Spa, Metropolitan Hotel, New Delhi


Festive and wedding season is often super taxing on the body and mentally stressful. I am referring to the constant late nights, the regular use of make-up, the eating out with a lot of sweet and oily food involved; all in all as much as we love the festive season this is what nightmares are made of for our beauty regimes and our bodies. Hence the perfect time to fix up that Spa appointment is during the festive season. A Spa session is a great mood up-lifter and just the refreshment your tired and aching body needs. In my case I fixed up an appointment with NeoVeda Spa at Metropolitan hotel, New Delhi.After making its presence felt at Craft House, luxury lifestyle store at The Met, with its mind and body healing and relaxing products, NeoVeda Spa begun as a new dimension in the world of health, well-being and fitness.Serene surrounding of plush 7000 sq. ft. area embraces modern and chic designs set in warm earthy and calming aqua tones.The Spa offers a luxurious collection of time-tested ancient and traditional healing remedies and treatments whilst incorporating the latest international wellness trends to provide the guest an authentic and holistic experience. The signature therapies like NeoVeda Experience, Energy Equalizer with Volcanic Hot Stone and Vedic Journey are a combination of beauty concepts of the ancient India and modern research.


I decided to go in for the Kalari massage, which is a traditional Ayurvedic massage for stimulating vital points. Using herb infused oils, the therapist first gave me a shoulder and head massage while I was seated on a chair. Then I was asked to lie on the floor and she massaged my body with her feet. Unlike what I had imagined the therapist does not walk on my back, but instead carefully presses my nerves with just one foot, changing sides according to which side of my body she wants to put pressure on, in a way that it completely relaxed my muscles. She also emphasises on my knots and instead of a kneading movement she rhythmically moves her foot up and over my nerves moving the knots to the absolute edge till they almost vanish. I can feel all my joint pain evaporate and with each stroke of her foot and my muscles felt soothed. Finally I am moved unto the bed for the last set of the treatment, this is a massage with her hands. The aim of this is to massage the areas less accessible by the feet, like neck and sides. Here the therapist uses kneading to remove all the remaining knots. Finally, my treatment ended with Udhvartina body scrub. This is a mixture of turmeric, sandalwood and whole green gram mixed in olive oil. The therapist carefully scrubs each part of the body with this mixture, which is supposed to be great to remove suntan and leave the skin feeling smooth, soft and saturated with antioxidants. The massage is done by natural and organic NeoVeda products, also available at The Met’s Craft House. NeoVeda Spa as the tag line suggests promises a SIMPLY DIVINE experience with the nurture and individual care provided leaving you feeling cleansed, fit and absolutely refreshed.

Sakura, Metropolitan New Delhi

Most of you must know by now that I recently moved back to Delhi from Mumbai. Even if you were unaware of that I am certain you by now know I love trying out different cuisines, which at one point was a huge issue in Delhi thanks to the Indianization of every cuisine. Hence, I was always looking forward to the culinary experience in Mumbai way before I moved there, but all that has become a thing of the past. There seems to be a sub-culture in Delhi which has slowly become popular that is demanding authentic food and service alike. And I decided to re-visit Sakura for some authentic Japanese a few weeks back.

For those of you who have not been there, Sakura India’s first Japanese eatery at Metropolitan hotel, is an award-winning fine-dining restaurant. It offers the best of Kaiseki cuisine – the formal seven to nine course royal Japanese cuisine –prepared by Celebrated Master Chef Tetsu Akahira and his team, from the freshest food flown in fresh from Japan. Decorated simply in a contemporary Japanese manner, Sakura has clean lines and minimal furniture with the windows designed to resemble traditional Japanese tatami mats, common to most houses in Japan. The simple yet clean and efficient decor is a good example of what you can expect with the food- no extra frills, just excellent food.


For once Japanese food is not just Sushi and sashimi but a variety of other dishes. You can go in for Kushi Age Goshumori –– five different kinds of Japanese style skewers, Sakura style Tantanmen — hot egg noodles topped with spicy ground meat sauce or the ever popular Ginmutsu Saikyoyaki — cod-fish marinated with white soy bean paste, mirin, sake and grilled to perfection. The menu is vast and as authentic as possible. We tried Sakura’s famous Bento Box meals with food arranged artistically and meticulously in different slots. They are priced  vegetarian Bento Box meal costs around Rs.1,200 and Sushi Bento that I had going up to approximately Rs.2,500. You also have the option to opt for a course meal, which is a 9 course meal and offers assorted sashimi to Tempura to Sushi and soup. The main highlight of the meal for me was the dessert or their Home made ice-creams, we tried all the various flavours and the best past was these were all things used in Savoury dishes which had been converted to sweets like Red Bean, Green Tea, Black sesame and Wasabi. Basically, if you are craving authentic Japanese cuisine I suggest you visit Sakura at the earliest. But be prepared to be experimental and try various things, to really cherish the experience. Like my appetizer which was assortment of 3 dishes consisted fo Clams, Squid and Jelly fish and though I was slightly apprehensive about the Jelly Fish which I had never had before it turned out to be my favourite.

Sakura, The Metropolitan Hotel New Delhi, Bangla Sahib Road, New Delhi, Tel: 011-42500 200
Meal is approximately Rs.2,000 per head plus taxes (minus alcohol)