New Launch- Nature shines in Christian Lacroix’s latest collection

This spring, the House of Christian Lacroix and designer Roche Bobois follow up on the successful collaboration they launched nearly two years ago. For this new opus, furniture pieces created by the House’s creative director Sacha Walckhoff are wrapped in dreamy flora and fauna.

Christian Lacroix Maison pour Roche Bobois 2017 by Neil Bicknell_1.1

Christian Lacroix Maison pour Roche Bobois 2017 by Neil Bicknell_2.1 Christian Lacroix Maison pour Roche Bobois 2017 by Neil Bicknell_3.1

This collection takes us deep into the daydream home of an imaginary botanist, a fan of Comte de Buffon’s treatise on natural history. I for one am loving the tropical vibe, what about you??


Celebrate Valentine’s day with these Gifts of Love

Love it or hate it, you cannot ignore it, yes, I am referring to Valentine’s day which is roughly 4 days away. I honestly am not one who celebrates Valentine’s day, in fact the only time I did celebrate it was in high school and I was very happy with the stuffed toy I got as a gift. You pressed the teddy and it sang “you are my sunshine” I loved the toy but it was my dogs mortal enemy, he hated the toy or the singing never did figure out which and within 6 months he attacked the toy and that was the end of the only Valentine gift I ever got, the only year I ever celebrated it. But that is just me, unless it is a holiday on that day no festival excites me, so I don’t look forward to a specific day to enjoy luxuries or holidays or gifts but for those who Valentine’s day is special or for whose partners it is special, here is a list of gifts for you to celebrate the 14th of February.

A clutch or Bag- A great gift for that special lady in your life is a clutch or handbag, reason being a bag does not rely on your height or weight unlike clothes, get a size too small and you could have issues for the rest of the evening. With make-up you never know what kind suits a lady’s skin type and God forbid they get some rash you are doomed, hence a hand-bag and some classic pieces last a lifetime. You can go in for Alexander McQueen’s silk satin embroidered hummingbird & flower square knucklebox clutch, or a radiant gift box minaudière in a stunning ombre effect of jewel tone crystal by Judith Leiber or even a Fendi Baguette.

Alexander-McQueen-Embroidered-Apple-and-Hummingbird-Skull-Knucklebox-ClutchJudith LeiberFendi_Baguette

Spa Treatment– Nothing is more sensual and relaxing than nice massage along with a steam or sauna. Either you give her a full-body massage or better yet, reserve a double massage for him and her. You should both take some time off and enjoy some relaxation together. It is Valentine’s Day day after all, not just your girlfriend’s day. Any kind of spa getaway is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Some of the Spa’s you can visit are as follows, Spa Natural at the Fortress, Sri-Lanka. NeoVeda Spa, Metropolitan Hotel, New Delhi, Heavenly spa at Westin Mumbai, The Claridges Spa Delhi and Ila De Sva Spa at Sahara Hotel Mumbai. All of these provide couple treatments, so go ahead and book a service immediately.

Valentine BoxSexy Lingerie– I have never met a girl who does not love lingerie. But most guys I know feel shy to go to a shop and buy lingerie, so here is the perfect solution-Under Cover lingerie, that you can order online. For Valentine Day collection they have come up with a ‘Naughty + Nice’ collection and have launched 4 special Valentine Boxes. Each box contains an assortment of products this includes an outfit with stockings and specially matched accessory. So, if you have a sweet little baby-doll in your gift box, you will find a pair of animal print handcuffs too. So go ahead and get your own box at

Partake in a physical activity- No, not that kind of physical activity; I mean something that will get your heartbeat going, like ice skating or going for a hike in the woods and bringing wine to drink on the way. Such activities are perfect to boost an old and predictable relationship, and nothing will kick-start a new relationship better than such a thrill ride. If sky is the limit, here’s the chance to touch it as couples seeking adventure now have a lifetime opportunity to sky dive with the internationally acclaimed Sky Diving Art of Extreme crew from Spain exclusively at Aamby Valley City. For reservations call: 022-39807444, SMS skydive to 59090,;

Luxury Valentine Package– The “52 Love Salute” Valentine’s Day Package from Four Seasons Hotel New York and JetWay Private Air. Costing around $487,000, this luxurious package includes:- A private chartered flight on a luxurious jet of your choice with Jetway Private Air from any U.S. state, 52 love songs on a play list for in-flight serenade and 52 love poems for you to have as homage to your sweetness. A night at Four Seasons Hotel New York in the Ty Warner Penthouse Suite, one of the most expensive suites in the world. The evening of romance includes: Caviar and Champagne from Calvisius Caviar Bar, unlimited use of the hotel’s Rolls Royce with a personal chauffeur, a personal butler 24/7 and a decadent dinner for two prepared by Executive Chef John Johnson as well as unlimited massages given in the Penthouse spa room.- A stunning 52-carat heart-shaped diamond necklace from Premier Gem Corporation that dazzles for eternity.

Moet Rose ImperialCustomized Champagne bottle– “Champagne is the ultimate expression of celebration, and our Moët Rosé Impérial is the most stylish and alluring way to celebrate and declare your love this Valentine’s Day,” said Arnaud de Saignes, International Director of Marketing and Communications for Moët & Chandon. Adding a sense of occasion and romance to Valentine’s Day celebrations, Moët Rosé Impérial effortlessly combines personalized luxury and romantic glamour. Express your feelings to the one you love with the customizable champagne bottle. The premium “Love Case” includes everything needed to create your own memorable declaration with the Moët Rosé Impérial bottle! Included is a pen and an elegant booklet with an array of stickers to personalize and decorate the bottle with your own special touch, and to convey whatever your message is: from “Be Mine!” and “I ♥ You” to “Let’s Celebrate!” “Marry Me” and “La Vie en Rosé!” among many others.

Adopt a Puppy– Well this is a huge step in any relationship, getting a pet together. And I think it is a perfect Valentine’s gift. I think adopting a puppy is a great way to take a relationship forward. Please note I am repeating adopt because I am big on adoption over buying, but to each their own,as long as a Puppy gets a home, it’s all good. Here are some sites you can check out for adoption.,


Chocolate Hampers– Cocheta Chocolates manufactures and supplies Delicious Homemade & handcrafted Chocolates, Cup Cakes, cookies, brownies, fudge , cake
bites, cake pops, marshmallow pops and fudge pops and more.Chocolates filled in centres are a latest craze amongst people. You can choose from various options in orange, strawberry, black current, mango in fruit flavours and butter scotch, honey, coffee, coconut are amongst other flavours. Apart from centre filled homemade chocolate gifts, you can choose from chocolate rocks in pistachio, cashew, almond, hazel nut and mixed nuts. Chocolate Bouquets: A unique fusion of Chocolate flowers and fresh flowers, suitable for any occasion. We also do cake pop bouquets, marshmallow bouquets, fudge pop bouquets. Starting Range Rs 650/, Another option is hampers from Nature’s basket which include chocolate cookies and even Oatmeal. So you can check out a Nature’s Basket in your city.

Tara's line of jewellery for Valentine's Day Celebration (11)Diamonds are a Girls Best friend- You don’t need an occasion to gift a girl Diamonds, any day of the year you get her a diamond and she will be yours for life. With the vast variety of diamonds available in the market they are no longer as un-affordable as they were once considered. So you can get your Special lady a Diamond pendant or if you want to propose do that over a nice meal. Try these restaurants which we think will make great places for a romantic meal, Rara Avis New Delhi, FIO New Delhi, Trifecta and Vinoteca Mumbai to name a few.(Image courtesy Tara Jewels)

Respect Women– It seems silly for the news, media and blogs to go on emphasising on something as basic as respect women, but somehow it seems necessary and unfortunate to have to repeat something as basic as RESPECT WOMEN not just the women in your life but women in general. It makes no sense to make one day special for women and the rest of the 364 disrespect them. So start a resolution this year to respect all the women you come across, look out for them, stand up for them and mostly just stop to objectify them- they are living beings. They have the capacity to create life so don’t make them feel worthless mentally or emotionally. Don’t play with their emotions and if you see any violence happen against them, stand up against it.