Style Picks: Christmas (Part 2)

And here it is, products inspired by Christmas to make this festive season even more Jolly! So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
1.Christmas Dish, Alessi
2.Angel Decoration, Poundland
3.At home by Ashley Thomas tree plate, Debenhams.
4.Great Christmas Tree,Lladro
5.Book Ends, House of Fraser.
6.Santa and helper Tea Pot, Marks and Spencer.
7.Knitted cracker christmas tree decoration, Marks and Spencer
8.Towel Set, Noel
9.Santa and Snowman Salt and Pepper shakers, British Heart Foundation
10.Rocking Christmas tree, Swarovski


Style Picks

1.Nouveaux Classiques collection, Roche Bobois.
2.Assorted vases, Eco Corner
3.Flash, Armani/Casa, Maison by International furniture brand
4.Majolica accessory collection, D&G
5.Goddess Lakshmi, Lladro
6.Greek Key Basin, Sherle Wagner
7.Indo tibetan carpet collection, Obsession Xclusif
8.SPIKE BOOKSHELF-Shahid Datawala at Pallate.
9.Ambiray Tea Light,Swarovski
10.Wedding Jewellery, Minawala

Style Picks

Inspiration India

1. Jewellery, Renuka Fine Jewellers
2. Hand Fan, 1469
3. Poufee, Colombostile
4. Charan- Festive Collection  by Artist Anju Kumar
5. Copper finish Lantern,
6. Divine Love, Lladro
7. Kalgi (Head accessory), Nizam Collection at Ganjam
8. ‘Tema e Variazioni’- Plates, Fornasetti at Charcoal Project
9. Tourbillon Peacock, Van Cleef and Arpels
10. Fabric, Pallate

Angelic Charm

So I know most people find this side of me really immature and childish but I am absolutely fascinated by angels, the whole idea of them being warriors/messengers of Gods to me is just so fascinating. There is this book series called Blue Blood that I follow, well atleast did the first four, where the concept was that once Lucifer and his minnions were shunned from heaven they actually came on earth in form of vampires, all former angels left to live life on earth, feeding off human blood to survive. These are ofcourse the Fallen angels. Then ofcourse I like the idea of guarding angels, Cupid, singing angels etc. I just think they are such pure creatures that I would love to have a few Angel artefacts to keep at home and gift, what do you think?

To Mom with Love

So I have a secret to share with you; I have the worst memory with dates ever. And I don’t mean I will forget when your birthday or anniversary is, but usually I forget it on that particular day. So atleast once I am certain I have forgotten my friends and family members birthdays. Well, if I am that way with birthdays you certainly cannot expect me to remember anniversarys. Its just unfair, either be like me and announce your birthday to the whole world a month in advance then have a week long celebration, then if I forget I will agree with you I need to be penalised. Anyway, so even though it is very late in the day to talk about Mothers day, the reason I brought this up was cause if you are anything like me I have found the perfect gift to give your Mom, Sister, Best friend or any other Moms that you know- The Mothers day gifting collection by Lladro. Well I mean why restrict to just gifting on Mothers day, when these gorgeous porcelain peices are just the perfect gift for all those special women in your life. If by some chance you are living in a cave and are not aware of Lladro, click here. There could be other peices that catch your fancy.

Oh by the way, The Sculptor Raul Rubio will demonstrate how a Lladro creation is born. So if you happen to be in Mumbai this coming weekend and are interested let me know. Its on 7th April at the Lladro showroom at Churchgate.